Unique Ministerial Jobs and Part-Time Situations


Are you looking for employment opportunities other than a traditional single-ministry full-time position?  Perhaps seeking a ministry where you can partner with your spouse, partner or colleague?  Something that would allow you more time to pursue community/service ministries or hobbies?  Ever prayed for a position that would allow you to travel, winter in warmer climates or take summers off to spend with friends or family?  If so, please read on.  We have several unique ministerial jobs and part-time situations available.

Special Speaking Opportunities and Travel

Here are two great opportunities to continue serving while traveling both north and south of the US borders!

Canada, Montreal, Unity Centre of Montreal 
Minister in Residence | Approx. CAN $1000/mo plus percentage of offerings | Apartment provided | Average Attendance: 15-25 | Date Added 9/7/22

The Minister in Residence (MIR) is responsible, in coordination with the senior minister, for the conduct and content of all Sunday services and the Midweek Event. They are encouraged to participate in the daily Noon Meditation and maintain some office hours presence on weekdays.

Mexico, Ajijic, Unity Namaste of Ajijic
Minister in Residence  monthly, rotating position | Room, some meals | Date Added 2/23/22 | UPDATED 6/19/23

Ministers in Residence (MIR) are responsible, in coordination with the Senior Minister, for the conduct and content of all Sunday services. They are encouraged to participate in James Twyman’s morning sessions, offer workshops, classes, or events of their choosing during their stay, and sell to residents their own books or similar materials while in residence.

NOTE: Only experienced, preferably retired, ordained Unity ministers need apply.

Now looking fill MIR openings for June, July, August, and October 2024, as well as April - December of 2025.  

Sabbatical Minister

Due to the nature of the work, it is not uncommon for ministers to need some time away to rest and recharge or pursue personal/professional growth opportunities. Many however may hesitate to take extended time off as they have concerns about the impact of their absence on their congregants and the daily operations of their ministry. 

Sabbatical ministers provide a much-needed service for those ministers needing or wanting to take a sabbatical. A sabbatical minister will serve temporarily as the senior minister. He/she will oversee all the responsibilities currently handled by the senior minister. The board, staff, and volunteers will continue to serve in their respective roles as leaders in the ministry, working with the sabbatical minister to ensure the smooth operation of the ministry during the sabbatical period.

More information about Unity Minister Sabbaticals can be found here:  https://www.unityworldwideministries.org/sabbatical-support-services. To apply to serve as a Sabbatical Minister, contact UWM Employment Assistance at employmentassistanace@unity.org

Minister of Record

For a variety of reasons, some ministries find themselves in a position where they are without an onsite minister. A Minister of Record (MOR) provides the spiritual support and administrate guidance that a Unity Minister can provide. MORs also ensure a foundational alignment with the Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) requirement that "a Unity Ministry has as its leadership a licensed and ordained Unity Minister or Leader serving under special dispensation from UWM." The MOR will mentor both the ministry's Spiritual Leadership Team and Board of Directors/Trustees to ensure that the ministry is operating within its bylaws and policies/procedures. Hours and financial compensation per week/month vary by assignment.

Interested in serving as an approved UWM Minister of Record? Or are you a Board member of a ministry interested in exploring how a UWM Minister of Record might assist you? Please contact Rev. Glenda Walden, Evolving Ministry Coordinator at evolve@unity.org.

Helpful MOR Information:

MOR Policy


MOR Minister Requirements

MOR Ministry Requirements

MOR Semi-Annual Report Form

  • Semi-annual reports are due March 1 for the reporting period July 1 - December 31 of the prior year. 
  • Semi-annual reports are due September 1 for the reporting period January 1 - June 30.
Do You Like to Winter in Warm Climates or Spend Summers Vacationing?

This opening offers the ability to highly personalize your work schedule:

NY, Syracuse, Unity of Syracuse 
Full-time (9 months) | $32,000-$35,000 | Average Attendance: 65-70 | Date Added 12/9/21

This listing is seeking a minister who desires a very flexible work schedule in order to have additional time off during the year.  The selected minister will have the opportunity to choose to take 3 months off every year at one time, or 1 month off to travel three times throughout the year, or 2 weeks at a time to visit friends and family six times throughout the year.  That’s a lot of flexibility for a great work-life balance!

Looking for More Time to Pursue Alternative Ministries or Other Endeavors? 

If so, you may want to consider one of these part-time opportunities.  Click into each for more information:

CA, Oroville, Unity of Oroville
Part-Time | $28,800-$31,200  | Average Attendance: 30 | Date Added 10/18/22

CA, Santa Maria, Unity of Santa Maria
Part-Time | $30,000 | Average Attendance: 35 | Date Added 9/19/23

KY, Louisville, Unity of Louisville   
Part-time | $30,000 | Average Attendance: 70+ | Date Added 5/16/23

MA, Amesbury, Unity on the River in Amesbury
FT/PT | FT: $50,000-$65,000   PT: $25,000-$40,000 | Average Attendance: 30+ in person, streaming 15+ | Date Added 6/30/22 | UPDATED 6/26/23

MI, Traverse City, Unity of Traverse City
FT/PT | FT $50,000-$55,000  PT Pro-Rated | Average Attendance: 40 | Date Added 2/8/22 | UPDATED 6/13/23

OH, Girard, Unity Spiritual Centre Girard
Part-time | $24,000 | Average Attendance: 15-25 In Person, 10-15 Virtual | Date Added 5/31/22

OK, Tulsa, Unity of Tulsa-Center
FT/PT | FT $65,000-$75,000, PT Pro-Rated | Average Attendance: 30 | Date Added 10/25/22 | UPDATED 6/12/23

General questions about any of these unique ministerial opportunities or ready to apply? Contact UWM Employment Assistance at employmentassistanace@unity.org