Office Beautification and Technologies Campaign

Office Beautification and Technologies Campaign Kickoff

Thank you for contributing to the positive, productive UWM office environment! 

Studies show that an orderly, beautiful, calm yet energizing office space helps to facilitate productivity, camaraderie, connection, and progress! Upleveling our office space and technologies offers a great support to UWM staff and leadership in the work we do growing leaders and serving our ministries.

We at Unity Worldwide Ministries are so grateful for your support of the Office Beautification and Technologies campaign, spearheaded by Rev. Shawn Moninger and the UWM Board. We are excited to see a beautiful new office space with workstations, furniture, plants, and a feature fountain!

Having a more functional and beautiful office space will support our employees in collaborating in innovative ways which will better serve the Unity movement. In addition, new technologies including a Learning Management System for our Education initiatives will enhance our ability to serve and grow our students who are dedicated to sharing out the practical, positive, transformative Unity message with the world. 

Thank you for supporting our Office Beautification and Technologies Campaign