"We are endeavoring, in Unity, to be both consecrated to Truth and practical in handling all matters coming to our attention...We are endeavoring to see the Christ in all humanity, and to call attention to and encourage the development of the Christ in all who are receptive."

~ Unity Co-Founder, Myrtle Fillmore

What is Ministry Consulting Services and what value does it bring to your ministry?

Ministry Consultants and Specialists are vetted, trained and qualified by the Member Services department of Unity Worldwide Ministries. Their primary role is to create a container for discovery and exploration, allowing the members of your spiritual community to work together collaboratively, share ideas, and call forth the shared intelligence of your ministry.

The greatest gifts a consultant brings to your spiritual community are fresh eyes, specialized vocational training, a neutral perspective, and a gentle heart. They listen deeply to the voice of the community and those in leadership. They invite everyone to think more deeply how to work together to better fulfill their mission and live into their values. When we fully discover what is ours to do-we align with the rhythm of the Divine and move together with ease and Grace.

Is it easy to get there? With vocationally trained and centered team members-this is what we do. We are prepared to empower spiritual communities toward their Highest Good, equipped to gently walk through any conflict along side the community and assist in creating wellness in ministry.



What services are available?

We are continually evaluating our services to bring our ministries transformative, leading-edge practices. We have two cateogries of consulting team members that make up our Ministry Development team: Ministry Wellness Consultants and Transitional Specialists.

Ministry Wellness Consultants facilitate trainings, meetings, and community processes based on the needs of the ministry. These individuals may be Unity credentialed leaders or lay-persons with skills and experience in facilitation and a strong foundation in Unity teachings. Each has been certified through Unity Worldwide Ministries.

Our Transitional Specialists work with ministries who are in the midst of a leadership change and assist the ministry in preparing for new leadership. Intentional Interim Ministry assignments can be full or part-time and may vary in length based on the situation and needs of the ministry. Those serving as Transitional Specialists are licensed and ordained Unity ministers and have been certified through the Interim Ministry Network training program. 

"The Ministry Development Team is accountable to Unity Worldwide Ministries. Each consultant and specialist provides outstanding skills, along with emotional and spiritual maturity to assist ministries in a variety of growing edges. We see Community Wellness as the capacity to be aware of, practice, participate in and remember our wholeness. Our Consultants provide a non-anxious presence in the midst of varied degrees of community engagement and dynamics. As a part of growth, we see some levels of conflict as healthy opportunities to model deep listening and compassion, using each experience as tools in our journey to true community. The Wellness Factor holds the highest vision for each member of a community as well as the entire organization's accountability to co-create our world. Wellness is proactive, reminding us of our true nature. It is a dynamic process of growth in mind, body, and Spirit. We invite you to utilize our gifted and talented consultants to serve your spiritual communities." ~ Rev. Doug Duerr, Member Services Manager.

Please contact a Member Services Representative to see what is right for your ministry. 

Employment and Transitional Services

For more information about our consulting services, Rev. Doug Duerr at


Ministry Specialist and Consultant Certification Process

We are dedicated to bringing leading-edge services to our members, and the certification process for our Ministry Consultants is designed to bring together a deep knowledge of the essentials of ministry with excellent skills in facilitation and community building. To achieve this, the certification process includes educational components, practicum experience, as well as an in-depth interview with the Member Services Team.

Requirements for certification may change each year due to on going cultural shifts in ministry systems. We want to offer as much up to date training as possible and  respond with the changing times. Please schedule an appointment with Rev Doug Duerr. See Doug's staff profile for updated information.


Ministry Support

When a ministry has lost the services of its minister there is a need to consider transition consulting. Transition consulting can provide a dynamic and transformative process for churches in transition before the formal minister search process begins. Contact Rev. Doug Duerr, or to discuss Specialists or Consultant placement depending on your needs.