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Unity SpiritGroups Certified Program Leader Application

Unity SpiritGroups is not a new concept. Unity co-founder, Charles Fillmore, wrote about it in his Methods and Ideals for Conducting Centers and Study Classes.

“Every center or study class should be considered as a normal, training school for the purpose of developing coworkers, not only those who are capable of assisting with the teaching work of a center, but also those who are capable of taking a vital part in the healing ministry of a center. The greater the number of individuals who become active in carrying on the work of a center or study class, the stronger the center is sure to become."


Classes meet on a weeknight from 7-830 CT for a total of 8 classes. The specific weeknight will be determined by July 2023.

Student testimonial: “This program has exceeded my expectations! I love the curriculum!” from LS

UWM is taking Charles’ teachings and experiences into the present and future of mission-centric ministries. Following 50 years of research and practice, Unity SpiritGroups curriculum takes small group ministry to the next several levels. The Unity SpiritGroups Team supports the Unity SpiritGroups Program Leader-in-training through their planning and launch phase, guiding them step-by step, answering every question, helping through every challenge. After they successfully complete and launch their Unity SpiritGroups in their ministries, work or volunteer environments, or wherever they are led to lead, we assist them in their practice with follow-up trainings weekly and monthly, as well as offering advanced trainings, refreshers, and collaboration time with other Unity SpiritGroups Program Leaders. Unity SpiritGroups Certified Program Leaders can serve as the Membership Directors of their ministries, among other things.



Frequently Asked Questions

Unity SpiritGroups isn’t the next best thing. It is one of THE things that, when done as taught, will enrich and enhance the ministry experience for your current members and will offer growth opportunities for your future members within the ministry.

For more information about why you might want to introduce Unity SpiritGroups to your ministry, watch this YouTube video presented by UWSI’s Coordinator, Indira Huerta.


About small groups, Episcopal Priest Becca Stevens wrote:

“Initially, it seemed a bit ridiculous to me to think that by starting a small community, we could somehow change the world, but now, it seems more ridiculous to me to think that somehow the world will change if we don’t do something.  

Now, I can see that one loving gesture is practically divine. We have to do small things and believe a big difference is coming. It’s like the miraculous drops of water that seep through mountain limestone. They gather themselves into springs that flow into creeks that merge into rivers that find their way to oceans. Our work is to envision the drops as oceans. We do our small parts and know a powerful ocean of love and compassion is downstream. Each small gesture can lead to liberation. The bravest thing we can do in this world is not cling to old ideas or fear of judgment, but step out and just do something for love’s sake. . .

There is no secret formula to experiencing the sacred in our lives. It just takes practice and practicality. The deep truth of our lives and the fullness we are striving for don’t happen with someone giving us the code to deep knowledge. Meaning and faith are not secret things. Sometimes what we need most is to remind one another of how the divine is all around us, calling us to see and taste it for ourselves.”