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Certificate in Integral Ministry Practice

“Transforming lives and inspiring people to make a positive difference in our world."
UWSI’s education program will now include a path in 2nd Tier Ministry practices—a Certificate in Integral Ministry Practice. This year-long online program is open to New Thought ministers, board/council members, LUTs, practitioners, and lay ministry leaders.
This program is taught by the Revs. Drs. Gary and Jane Simmons and is based upon their lived experience serving at Unity Spiritual Center Spokane, Washington, for nearly six years, as well as the milestones of Dr. Gary’s client ministries. For over a decade, the Simmons have consulted with Ken Wilber and other integral luminaries as they sought to apply integral principles to address the opportunities and challenges of congregational ministry in these chaordic times.
The purpose of this program is to equip ministry leaders and individuals with an understanding of ministry as a living system and the capacity to facilitate an integral approach to cultural evolution. This program offers a new paradigm of ministry practice that is centered upon the fulfillment of purpose in people’s lives. It is a departure from our current ministry practice and its tithing-based funding model to a spiritual cooperative that focuses on the value of ownership, partnership, self-responsibility, and personal integrity. These values form the context for the Integral Ministry Practice.

Integral Ministry Practice Certification Program

If you are interested in learning more about the Integral Ministry Program being offered by Rev Dr's Gary and Jane Simmons, please watch this video:


Meet Rev. Dr.s Gary and Jane Simmons, as they discuss the Integral Ministry Certificate Program 





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Who is This Program For?

  • If you consider yourself an “early adopter” this program may be a good fit for you. 

  • If you are a transition ministry specialist and looking for a way to guide a ministry into a more resilient future, this program may be a good fit for you. 

  • If you support churches in conflict and are interested in helping ministries evolve out of their troubled past, this program may be a good fit for you. 

  • If you are a retired minister, burned out, or “done with church,” yet still long to matter and make a difference, this program may be a good fit for you. 

  • If you are a board member, lay leader, or just someone who cares deeply about the future of congregational ministry, this program may be a good fit for you. 

  • If you are in a ministry without spiritual leadership, needing support and guidance for moving forward, this program may be a good fit from someone from your church. 

  • If you are a minister who is thinking about getting back into ministry, this program may be a good fit for you. 

  • If you are an LUT and looking to become an Integral Ministry Practice specialist, this program will be the qualification that gets you there.

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