The Unity movement is guided by a vision of sacredness and the inter-connectedness of all, the interdependence of all life. It is a journey of spiritual relationships with Earth and its creatures. It is through awakened consciousness that we see everything as the presence of God.
The EarthCare Ministry promotes active care of all creation by cultivating a comprehensive earth-oriented spirituality that touches Unity ministries both spiritually and in practical actions.


The EarthCare Ministry rose from the grassroots of the Unity movement, coming from the deep desire to express Unity's belief in our oneness with all divine life in ways that directly impact our planet home. As in so many areas in Unity, we saw the importance of walking the talk. As stated in our vision statement, “All humanity lives in a spiritual consciousness that manifests as loving coexistence with all creation and care for our Earth home.”

The purpose of EarthCare is to support Unity Worldwide Ministries in fostering the awareness of our spiritual oneness with our Earth home and to promote active care of creation. We do this through a number of services and resources, including the Path to EarthCare.


All humanity lives in a spiritual consciousness that manifests as loving co-existence with all creation and care for our Earth home.

By empowering Unity congregations, EarthCare envisions Unity Worldwide Ministries as a powerful force and global leader in addressing the climate change emergency and moving society towards environmental justice in order to create a world that works for all. In so doing, it will vitalize and expand our Unity movement.


To foster awareness of our spiritual oneness with the Earth, to promote active care of all creation, and to assist congregations in integrating an earth-oriented spirituality into their ministry.

Unity Worldwide Ministries Covenant

The Unity first principle states that there is only one presence and one power pervading the entire Universe. Unity Worldwide Ministries is committed to embodying this principle and honoring our Oneness with the earth. Recognizing that we live in a web of interconnectedness, and our actions affect the whole, we endeavor to touch the earth lightly and with reverence. And we encourage our members to do the same.


Climate Change Resolution

On October 14, 2015, Unity Worldwide Ministries Board of Trustees acknowledged, in part, that climate change is real and that human activity is a significant cause of climate change. UWM also acknowledged that climate change is an issue resulting in both environmental degradation and social injustice. As such, we commit to serve, as our faith leads us, to take steps in healing the planet. Read the complete resolution here.

In a separate resolution in April of 2019, the Board of Trustees affirmed its power to restore balance to the planet and all life forms, and engage this power through our conscious and compassionate choices.


2021 Green Star Award Winners

Congratulation to the following spiritual communities who have gone above and beyond in their care of our Mother Earth.

-Unity of the Blue Ridge, Mills Creek, North Carolina
-Unity of Kalamazoo, Michigan
-Unity of Vero Beach, Florida


Earthcare Program

The EarthCare Program implements the seven step Path to EarthCare by assisting church communities in integrating an earth-oriented spirituality into their ministry. The program guides congregations in discovering what Spirit calls them to do to care for our Earth home and its co-inhabitants. It manifests Unity's Fifth Basic Principle: Through thoughts, words, and actions we live the truth we know.

Support Documents

EarthCare Program (overview)
Sample EarthCare Covenant (rtf file)
Sample EarthCare Covenanting Ceremony
Covenants, Vision Statements, Mission Statements, and Action Plans
EarthCare Steps and Actions: Suggestions/Opportunities
Environmental and Social Justice (Step 5, Action 7)

In-House Energy/Environmental Audits (Step 5, Action 1)

Unity EarthCare History
How to Attract Millenials to Church: Resource Links
List of Certified Ministries
Starting a Green Team and Keep It Going
Subtle Activism
UWM's EarthCare Covenant
Why Get Involved in EarthCare?

Program Flexibility

We realize that not every action may be appropriate for your ministry, and that there is a growing number of Alternative Unity Ministries. Please contact your regional coordinator or EarthCare Program Coordinator at if you would like to discuss options to the Steps and Actions of the EarthCare Program. 

Ministry Resources

Support Documents

Books & Films
UWM Climate Change Action Resolution
Congregational Brochure
Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility Investing (definition & sample policy)
Youth Resources
Green Problem Solvers
Incorporating EarthCare into Ministry Year-Round
Online Resources
EarthCare Ministry Team Resources and Services
Unity Quotations Regarding Nature and the Environment
Green Facility Assessment (checklist)

Cool Congregations Contest, sponsored by Interfaith Power & Light 
Moving Forward: A Guide To Climate Action For Your Congregation and Community


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Beth Remmes, Unity Atlanta Church, moderator

Mentoring/Collaboration Call

Please join us monthly for the Mentoring and Collaboration call to discuss EarthCare issues, facilitated by a member of the EarthCare Core team. We meet on the 3rd Saturday at 11 a.m. Eastern time. Either click the link below or call into the Collaboration site.  
Mentoring/Collaboration Call Link
Call in:
PIN: 362 445 3205

YouTube Channel

Numerous timely and informative videos in the areas of Social Justice, Educational, Spiritual Practice, Poems & Inspiration, and Music. Moderated by Mary Gerken.

EarthCare YouTube Channel

Regional Coordinators

Region              Contact                Email Address
Canada             Mike McCord
Eastern             Martha Powers, Unity on Cape Cod, MA
                         or Mary Gerken
Great Lakes     Kathy Harwood Long, Friends of Unity, Plymouth, MI
Northwest       Cylvia Hayes, Unity Community of Central OR
West Central   Mary Gerken          
Pacific Rim     Cylvia Hayes, Unity Community of Central OR
South Central  Mike McCord, Unity Church of Overland Park, KS
Southeast        Beth Remmes, Unity Atlanta Church, GA
Southwest       David  Cordova, Unity Church of San Antonio, TX


Active Hope: Resilience & Possibility in These Times

(1.5 hrs). Summon our collective regenerative power and access your ability to wisely navigate the turmoil of these times.

Contact Beth Remmes or visit

Awaken the Dreamer Through Unity

Where on Earth are we going? And what can we do about it? These are two of the questions that are at the heart of the Awakening the Dreamer through Unity symposium.
For more information, contact Mike McCord.

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Contact Mike McCord at or call 913.907.4061.