IYOU Event

IYOU Event 2022: Reawaken!

Event Purpose Statement: 

The purpose of IYOU 2022 is to unify and rejuvenate the Youth of Unity and create a loving community where every individual is encouraged to deepen connections, reconnect spiritually, and grow into their authentic self.

IYOU 2022, "Reawaken," will be held July 10-14 at Unity Village, Missouri.  Registration is OPEN!

 Meet our 2022 Indie Team!


Mariah Benvenuti, Southwest Region    Alex Kroll, South Central Region

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Registration for the 2022 IYOU Event is now OPEN! 

Join us for a week of deepening spiritual practice and connection with YOUers from around the world, while we reawaken our spiritual community and realize that what we need we already have within us to affirm our spiritual selves! We are also delighted to announce that, because we were not able to have in-person IYOU Events for the last two years, YOUers who graduated in 2020 and 2021 are also invited to attend the 2022 Event! 
Important registration information can be found here:  Click to download
Registration this year is a two-step process.  Both steps must be done for the registration to be complete.
Step 1 – Go to https://form.jotform.com/221015375336146, provide the registration information requested for each attendee you are registering, and pay the registration fee. You will need the names, email addresses and ages for each person you are registering.
Step 2 – After your registration and payment is processed, you will receive an email with the required forms to complete and return to Julie Core.  
Please contact Julie Core, at jcore@unity.org, with any registration questions.


Registrations completed on or before May 15, 2022 - $600
Registrations completed May 16 through June 10, 2022 - $625
Registration fee covers Event registration, meals (Sunday July 10 dinner through Thursday July 14 lunch), and lodging.  Attendees are responsible for all of their travel expenses.
Written or emailed cancellations received by June 15 will be refunded minus $100 processing fee.  No refunds after June 15, 2022.

Eligiblity Requirements to Attend:


As a YOUer, to be eligible to attend IYOU 2022, you must fulfill the following requirements:
  • Be a member of a YOU chapter or Unity ministry with an understanding of Unity’s teachings
  • Be between the ages of 15-19 and currently attending high school, or be a YOUer who graduated in 2020 or 2021
  • Attendance at a prior in-person or virtual regional YOU or IYOU event is highly recommended
  • Have performed service in a Unity church or local community


As an adult attendee, to be eligible to attend IYOU, you must fulfill the following requirements

  • Be at least 25 years old
  • Have attended the IYOU Event Sacred Safety online training or watched the recording of the training. (Training will be offered this Spring)
  • Have on file with your home ministry a background check that was done within the last two years.
  • Be a designated event sponsor at the Event. This means that you are the adult responsible for one or more YOUers at the Event. (Note: You can be the designated event sponsor for YOUers from another chapter.)
  • Be willing to accept a role of responsibility assigned by the IYOU Leadership team during the event.
  • Be open to being assigned to whatever rooming situation best serves the event

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Please contact Julie Core, at JCore@unity.org, with any registration questions.

Our IYOU Event Agent: 


Julie Core is our IYOU Event Agent. Julie has served as a YOU sponsor for twenty years at Unity Northwest in Des Plaines, Illinois and at Unity in Chicago, Illinois. Her experiences include working closely with YOUers in planning and organizing many YOU rallies and retreats, where she encourages and supports the teens in developing their leadership skills. She has served as a Head Sponsor at more than twenty-five International, regional and sub-regional YOU events, rallies and retreats.

Julie Core, IYOU Event Agent






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2020 Event Videos

Session 1: "Recognize"
Affirmation for the session: I have the power to illuminate my way.
Click here for the video

Session 2: "Navigate"
Affirmation for the session: I have the power to navigate to the path that I want to be on.
Click here for the video

Session 3: "Trust"
Affirmation: I trust that divine order is at work in guiding my path.
Click here for the video

Session 4: "Inspire"
Affirmation: I have the ability and resources necessary to inspire myself to keep moving forward on my path.
Click here for the video

Session 5: "Radiate"
Affirmation: My Spirit knows what my true path is. I have faith and trust that my inner light will illuminate the way.
Click here for the video