Want to Teach?

Are you interested in teaching online courses for Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute?

If so, please send a resume and brief cover letter stating the courses you are interested in teaching to Education Assistant, emorse@unity.org.

The 22 required Spiritual Education and Enrichment courses (see the SEE Course Catalog) and the Ministerial and Religious Studies courses (see the M&RS Course Catalog) for quarters 1 – 5 all have instructors who have worked to design and teach the course online. These instructors will be continuing to teach, but openings may occur. As we expand, we will be creating additional sections of courses and will need more instructors. We would love to have a pool of well-qualified interested instructors to draw from as openings occur.

Many of you have special areas of passion and expertise to share that can be offered as electives for SEE and M & RS.

Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute will also be expanding beyond the courses required for Unity credentialing to provide courses that provide deeper exploration of Unity teachings for those interested in continuing education and courses that are aligned with Unity teachings, yet appeal to those who are not yet familiar with Unity. If you have a course that you think will serve either of these purposes, we would love to hear from you.