The Power of Focused Ministry Workshops

The Power of Focused Ministry

Join Rev. Shad Groverland, Executive Director of UWM, in a timely 1-day workshop designed for ministry leaders, future leaders, and those who train these leaders. The world of ministry is rapidly changing and there is a chance we could be left behind, unless we can acquire tools that will keep us current, relevant, focused, impactful and enjoying the work we do. Through presentation, group discussion, brainstorming and connecting with Spirit, we will learn these tools that create the foundation for a thriving modern ministry.


What previous attendees are saying about the workshop:

"This workshop is a game changer. It has given my board and me a clarity of direction that we have never had before."

"People in the business world pay $5,000+ for information this good."

"I wish I had been exposed to these ideas years ago, when I started my first ministry."

"I have worked in promotion for very successful ministries and this is exactly the information they used to get there."


Typical Workshop Schedule:

(please check your event location below for times specific to your location)
10am - 12pm     Session 1
12pm - 1pm       Lunch Break
1pm - 3pm         Session 2 + Q&A


Upcoming Workshops:

Kansas City, MO | Saturday, July 9, 2022 @ Unity Temple on the Plaza. Learn more or register here. REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS JULY 7.

Dallas, TX | Saturday, July 30, 2022 @ Unity of Dallas. Learn more or register here. REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS JULY 23.

La Quinta, CA | Tuesday, October 24 @ Unity Southwest Regional Conference, Embassy Suites, La Quinta, CA. Included with SW Regional Conference Registration.



What is the cost of the workshop and where does the money go?
Because this information is vital to our Unity movement, the workshop can be free for anyone who would like to attend. For those who would like to support this work, there is a suggested donation cost of $50. Monies collected by UWM online and during the event are donated to the host organization.

Will this workshop be available as hybrid or online?
No, currently this workshop is designed for in-person only because the connection and brainstorming elements are critical to the concepts relayed in the workshop.

I have an alternative ministry. Is this workshop applicable to me?
This workshop is designed for all forms of ministry, regardless of if they are in a building, online, or alternative, because it addresses the root issues underlying the foundation of every form of ministry.

I live in [Insert Name of City Here]. When will this workshop be in my area?
If you are interested in hosting this event in your area, please contact Erinna Groverland for further information.