Sunday Message Videos

Our Messages Are For You!

Unity Worldwide Ministries is pleased to be supporting our ministries with the UWM Sunday Message project. We’ve been busy filming transformative Unity talks led by credentialed Unity leaders. Ministries who are in between ministers, or whose minister is unable to speak on a given Sunday, will be able to play a powerful talk for their congregations. Those talks are located on our media site here:

If this project would support your ministry please register on the site. When you register please include the NAME OF YOUR MINISTRY, along with your name, in the 'OPTIONAL NAME' field of the online form in order to be approved for access.

For example: "Pablo Picasso - Unity of Houston" or "Unity Worldwide Ministries - Paul". Once accepted, an email will be sent out from the media site, alerting you that your registration has been accepted and you can now sign on. Instructions on downloading videos are located there, on the site. Questions? Contact Paul Wiltz, Mon.-Thur., 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (CT).




Check it Out!

Below are some snippets of each talk for you to experience. You can also click on the caption below the clip to get to know a bit about that Unity minister. 


Rev. Therese Donlan Lee - "Service of Gratitude" Rev. Diana Kennedy - "Masterful Leadership" Rev. Rachel Simpson - "What's in the way?"
Rev. Randy Fikki - "The Power of Now" Rev. Adriana Segovia - "Parable of the Sower" Rev. Toni Boehm - "The Awe, Mystery and Wonder of Unity"
Rev. Sandra Campbell - "Kindness" Rev. Laura Bennett - "Healing from the Heart" Rev. Anne Hickey - "The Power of Rediscovery"
Rev. Carla McClellan - "What is Next?" Rev. Myra McFadden - "Ignite the Fire Within" Rev. David Adams - "Seven Powerful Words"
Rev. Adriana Segovia -"Story of Zaccaeus" Rev. Toni Boehm -"A Drink of Living Water" Rev. Eliasa Sabogal -"The Power of Power"
Rev. Therese Donlan Lee - "Life Being Consciousness"