Employment and Transitional Services

During leadership changes, Member Services works with our member ministries and member ministers to create grace, ease and intentionality. To see an overview of how we can help ministers and ministries in times of transition, see our Employment and Transitional Services brochure.

Open ministries are listed below.


Leaving Gracefully

Transitions can be difficult for both ministers and the members of a spiritual community. We invite you to connect with Member Services for information and guidance on leaving gracefully. Contact Carrie Kenyon for more information on the following services.


Transitional Consulting Services

The period between ministers may bring a period of uncertainty. UWM certified consultants guide you through an intentional process to explore where you have been as a community and where you want to go in the future. See how Transitional Consulting Services can help your ministry.

Minister Succession Process

An alternative to Transitional Consulting, a minister succession process works best in larger ministries and ministries where the minister gives notice well in advance of their departure. This process includes the outgoing minister in preparing for a change of leadership. Member Services can assist in developing a succession plan, often including processes facilitated by one of our consultants.

Employment Services

It is important that ministers and ministries use our employment services to ensure that credentials are current and both parties are eligible for employment (see a list of suspended Unity ministers). We support member ministers and member ministries through all phases of the employment process.  This includes:

  • Creating and reviewing resumes
  • Completing search vacancy packet, creating search team
  • Preparation and evaluation of interviews
  • Negotiating contracts (You may wish to review our Minister's Contract Considerations.)
  • Starting your new adventure together.


Evaluation that is done well strengthens relationships, builds accountability and creates vibrant spiritual communities.  For this to occur, evaluation should look at all aspects of the ministry rather than just focusing on the minister.  For a brief overview of how to do this, we invite you to review Goal Focused Evaluation by Dan Hotchkiss at http://www.congregationalconsulting.org/goal-focused-evaluation/.

UWM has a number of evaluation tools to choose from.  We encourage you to connect with us so that we can collaborate with you in making this process beneficial to all. 



Our Sabbatical Support Services provide information on minister sabbaticals.


Non-Ministerial Jobs

We also post non-ministerial Jobs (for example executive directors, music directors or youth directors) upon request.

Employment & Ordination Policy for Centers for Spiritual Living Ministers Serving Unity Ministries.
As spiritual movements which both originated with New Thought, Unity and CSL have similar theologies, practices and a shared desire to awaken and transform human consciousness.  In view of this, we are committed to finding ways to collaborate with one another. 
The requirements are listed in the agreements.  Please note that in time as curriculum changes, the required classes may also change.
For Unity Ministers serving in CSL Centers  To see the open CSL pulpits, click here.  
Open Ministries
Note: Everyone who is applying is required to have a background check on file with Unity Worldwide Ministries. For questions, contact Rev Carrie Kenyon at CKenyon@unity.org.
Notice: In accordance with US Citizenship and Immigration Services requirements, “All US employers must ensure proper completion of Form I-9 for each individual they hire for employment in the United States. This includes citizens and noncitizens." For more information... 

AZ, Phoenix, Unity of Phoenix
Full-time Associate Minister-Spiritual Education | Date Added 8/23/18

CA, San Diego, The Unity Center
Full-time Associate Minister | Date Added 8/27/18

CA, Thousand Oaks, Unity of the Oaks
Full-time | $4000/mo | Average Attendance: 40–65 | Date Added 7/3/19

CA, Ventura, Unity of Ventura
Full-time | $900–1000/wk | Average Attendance: 30–50 | Date Added 5/30/19

CO, Fort Collins, Unity Church of Fort Collins
Full-time | ~$35–40,000 | Average Attendance: 80–90 | Date Added 7/31/19

FL, Delray Beach, Unity of Delray Beach
Full-time | +$52,500 | Average Attendance: 300 | Date Added 7/15/19

GA, Blairsville, Unity Church of the Mountains
Part-time | $20,000 | Average Attendance: 40-50 | Date Added 12/5/17, UPDATED

IA, Cedar Rapids, Unity Center of Cedar Rapids
Full-time | $50,000 | Average Attendance: 55–60 | Date Added 10/30/18, UPDATED 5/28/19

IL, Moline, Unity Church of the Quad Citites
Part-time | Negotiable | Average Attendance: 12–25 | Date Added 10/28/15

IN, Indianapolis, Unity of Indianapolis
PT/FT | $2500/mo | Average Attendance: 60–75 | Date Added 5/22/18

MD, Annapolis, Unity by the Bay Annapolis  UPDATED 3/6/19
Full-time | $60,000 | Average Attendance: 75 | Date Added 11/30/18

MD, Baltimore, Unity Center of Christianity of Baltimore  UPDATED
Full-time | $50,000 | Average Attendance: 55–60 | Date Added 11/13/18 

MI, Douglas, Unity on the Lakeshore
Part-time | $24,000+ | Average Attendance: 25 winter/35–50 summer | Date Added 7/2/18

MI, Livonia, Unity of Livonia  UPDATED
Full-time | $33–40,000 | Average Attendance: 110 | Date Added 8/2/18

MI, Rochester Hills, Unity Church of Rochester
Full-time | $30–40,000 | Average Attendance: 20–30 | Date Added 9/11/18

MN, Coon Rapids/Minneapolis, Unity North Spiritual Center
Full-time | $40–45,000 | Average Attendance: 70–80 | Date Added 5/21/18

MN, Minneapolis, Unity Minneapolis UPDATED
Full-time Associate Minister | $40–43,000 | Date Added 8/2/18

MN, Saint Paul, Unity in the Heart of the Twin Cities
Part-time | $18–22,000 | Average Attendance: 30–40 | Date Added 8/22/18

MN, Sartell, Unity Spiritual Center of Central Minnesota    
Full-time | $38-42,000 | Average Attendance: 71 | Date Added 7/31/18

NJ, Montclair, Unity of Montclair
Full-time | ~$36,000 | Average Attendance: 59 | Date Added 10/2/19

NV, Las Vegas, Unity of Las Vegas
Full-time | $42–50,000 | Average Attendance: 70–100 | Date Added 9/19/19

NY, Rochester, Unity Church of Greater Rochester  UPDATED
Full-time | $37–55,000 | Average Attendance: 60 | Date Added 9/25/18

OR, Medford, Christ Unity Church of Medford
Part-time | $18,000+ | Average Attendance: 35 | Date Added 9/18/18

TN, Memphis, Unity Christian Church of Memphis   UPDATED
Part-time | $31–33,000 | Average Attendance: 30–40 | Date Added 5/24/17

TX, Brownsville, Unity Church of Brownsville
Part-time | $12,000 | Average Attendance: 25–55 (Seasonal) | Date Added 7/18/18

TX, Fort Worth, Unity Center of Fort Worth
Full-time | $55,000 | Average Attendance: 150 | Date Added 5/7/19

TX, Tyler, Tyler Unity Center of Practical Christianity
Full-time | $45–48,000 | Average Attendance: 45 | Date Added 9/24/19

VA, Roanoke, Unity of Roanoke Valley UPDATED
Full-time | $43-50,000, housing negotiable | Average Attendance: 153 | Date Added 7/25/19

WA, Bremerton, Unity of Bremerton 
PT/FT | $1200–1600/mo | Average Attendance: 36 | Date Added 9/7/17

WA, Port Angeles, Unity in the Olympics
Full-time | $1,000/mo, plus percentage of tithe | Average Attendance: 25 | Date Added 2/6/19

WA, Yakima, Unity of Yakima Spiritual Life Center  UPDATED
PT/FT | $36,000 | Average Attendance: 45–60 | Date Added 9/5/18