Help Unity Grow (HUG) Fund

Unity Worldwide Ministries has established the HUG (Help Unity Grow) Fund to provide financial assistance to Unity ministry evolvement and growth of the individual ministry and ultimately the Unity movement.

The HUG Fund helps to fulfill the intentions and goals presented in support of the overarching vision and mission statements of Unity Worldwide Ministries. (See the PowerPoint of our vision from the 2014 convention.)

Download a copy of the HUG Fund Brochure.


HUG Fund Goals and Intentions

Intention 1: To research and implement new initiatives and engage our members in accomplishing our mission.
Goal 3: Provide centralized ministry support from Unity Worldwide Ministries with increased focus on field networking.

Intention 2: Trusting in the Divine Order and the harmonizing power of Love, we strengthen Unity Worldwide Ministries’ organizational integrity and accountability.
Goal 2: Implement and monitor policies that facilitate healthy ministry operations and maintain the integrity of Unity Worldwide Ministries.



What criteria does a ministry need to meet in order to be eligible for financial assistance?

  • The ministry must have a prosperity consciousness. This includes the commitment of the credentialed leader, the board of trustees and the congregation.
  • A pattern of consistent giving to Unity Worldwide Ministries over the last 12-month period.
  • A summary of how the proposed use of the funds will help Unity grow must be submitted.
  • The ministry must have its annual report on file with Unity Worldwide Ministries.
  • Funds will be sent via check (U.S. ministries) or wire (international ministries), payable in US Dollars, to the ministry (not to an individual or other organization).

Note: There will be special consideration for emergency situations.



The fund was established by the Board from money originating from an endowment gift of nearly $250,000 to loan up to $50,000 for physical improvements, building expansion or a new building.

The loan terms are 2 basis points less than the prime rate posted on The Wall Street Journal on the date of board approval.  The term of the loan may not exceed 60 months.

The loan may not exceed 50% of the total cost of the project.  In addition, the total loan values may not exceed the following:

  • Full status ministry: $50,000 USD (Beers Estate only)
  • Expansion ministry: $10,000 USD
  • Alternative ministry: $10,000 USD

Please note that a ministry may only have one loan at a time.


HUG Fund Sources and Uses

What is the basis of the HUG Fund and what are the sources of these funds?

Opening balances in 2015:

  • Beers Estate Funds Assistance ($285,000 originally USD available) must be repaid with interest per endowment terms.
  • Dissolved Church Fund ($58,000 USD) will be primarily used for assistance in employment of Unity ministers.
  • Unity Worldwide Ministries gifts can be awarded based on need.
  • Donate here.

Under Donor Information, select Other from the Donor's Designation dropdown menu, and type HUG Fund in the Other field.


How can ministries use the HUG Fund?

  • Capitalized items: such as emergency HVAC, roof repairs, parking lot creation or repair, sound and A/V systems, greening (Earthcare) the facility (windows, light fixtures, insulation, etc.), permanent branded signage.
  • For the process of employing a Unity minister: including assistance with the cost of interviews during the hiring process and covering the cost of relocation expenses associated with a newly hired Unity minister. Each ministry must be able and willing to cover 50% of the project costs on their own.


Are there expenditures which are not eligible for the HUG Fund?

Yes, they include: debt repayment, landscaping, operational expenses, salaries, training and education. It is important to create reserve or special funds for unforeseen ministry expenses.


To Apply

Step 1

Submit a HUG Fund Assistance Request Form to the HUG Fund Team through along with 24 months of financial statements and a current balance sheet.

Step 2

The HUG Review Team will determine what, if any, other documents are needed. For example: attendance records, quotes, etc.

Step 3

Upon approval by the HUG Application Review Team, the assistance request is submitted to Unity Worldwide Ministries board for final approval and authorization for a check to be issued to the approved ministry.