Important News:

Register for SEE in a Timely Manner: Effective January 1, 2023, Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute will no longer accept course registrations for SEE courses taken in the field once the course has been completed. This procedure is effective for all courses registered with UWSI on the website. If the field course is not registered on our website, instructors will need to submit the Course Registration and Grade Report form no more than 60 days after the completion of the course. Any questions can be directed to Indira Huerta, UWSI Coordinator, at or 816-434-6872. 


A New SEE plan will go into effect for the Fall! Here is what the new plan will look like:

  • Classes offered in Fall and Spring:

    • The Twelve Powers
    • History of New Thought and Unity**
    • Bible Interpretation: Hebrew Scriptures
    • Bible Interpretation: Christian Scriptures
    • The Christ
    • Unity Prayer**
    • Self-Awareness
    • Discerning Your Purpose
    • Self-Care
    • Metaphysics 1**
    • Metaphysics 2
  • Classes offered in Winter and Summer:
    • Healing and Wholeness
    • Foundations of Unity**
    • Overview: Hebrew Scriptures
    • Overview: Christian Scriptures
    • Jesus’ Teachings
    • Prosperity
    • Meditation Practices
    • I of the Storm
    • Conversation Skills
    • Metaphysics 3 
    • Metaphysics 4

**Strongly recommended to start with these courses


Bible Interpretation Hebrew Scriptures (must take Overview: Hebrew Scrip. prior)

Bible Interpretation: Christian Scriptures (must take Overview: Christian Scrip. prior)

If you are on a leadership track (i.e. LUT or Ministerial) and you need to take a specific class that is not being offered in a given quarter, please reach out to Erin Morse at or Indira Huerta at

  • A new scholarship application process will be available to all students starting in the Fall of 2022. Please visit our Tuition, Fees, Scholarships & More page to learn more about scholarships.

Helpful Tips:

  • If you must drop a course, please send an email to in order for the drop to be officially recorded.

  • To change your password:
    1. If you haven't changed it before:go to and enter your username and password. Click on Edit Account and then follow the screen prompts to change your password.
    2. If you have previously changed your password in Blackboard you will need to contact the Education Assistant at 816-434-6861 or so that we can reset your password. 

  • Important Password Tip: After you get your password - TYPE your password in - do not copy/paste.

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Spiritual Education Designed for YOU

We offer many areas of study to assist you in exploring your spiritual potential. In your pursuit of a more compassionate and fulfilling life, you can explore:

  • Individual courses to explore areas of interest
  • Self-determined path of spiritual enrichment
  • Credentialing paths to become Licensed Unity Teacher or Licensed/Ordained Unity Minister

See our UWSI brochure for more information 

Whatever your interests are, we appreciate your exploring our broad spiritual education curriculum and welcome your inquiries. Please let us know how we might help you on your journey.

Please note: This website is constantly being updated with new information, materials, syllabi and links. Let us know if you can't find what you're looking for.