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Meet Joni Lorraine, Spiritual Direction Program Coordinator, and let her explain the our exciting program to you.

For questions and registration, contact Joni Lorraine, Spiritual Direction Coordinator, at spiritualdirection@unity.org at Unity Worldwide Ministries, Unity Village, Missouri.


Rev. Robert Brumet introduces the Spiritual Direction program in this video. What is it? He interviews Rev. Jeanmarie Eck about her experience as a mentee (and now mentor) in Spiritual Direction. According to Jeanmarie, Spiritual Direction opened her awareness to how Spirit was working through all aspects of her life, not just her prayer and meditation practices.

"I began to ... see, through synchronicities and connections and my own desires, how Spirit was working in all ... aspects of my life."
–Rev. Jeanmarie Eck
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If you are seeking to …
  • Slow down from the busy-ness of life,
  • Become aware of the ineffable within you beyond words, theologies, and creeds,
  • Experience your natural state of wonder, health, and wholeness,
  • Discern a conscious path of awareness and compassion for yourself and others that honors “All as One,”
  • And join like-minded journeyers on this path, then

Unity’s Spiritual Direction Program is designed to support you on this quest.


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Program Basics

Ascending the Mountain: Dimensions of Spiritual Companionship” by Rev. Seifu Anil Singh-Molares, MTS, Executive Director of Spiritual Directors International
Reprinted with permission from Spiritual Directors International (SDI). All rights reserved.

General Information on Spiritual Direction

Article: “GPS for the Soul” by Rev. Robert Brumet (Unity Magazine, May/June 2021)

What are the “uniques” of the Spiritual Direction program?

The Companion Newsletter

Issue 1, January 2022