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What is Spiritual Direction?

• Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice of regularly companioning and supporting others as they fulfill their longing to experience deeper spiritual meaning in their lives. It has no religious affiliation and does not require it.

• Through practicing deep reflection and providing honest feedback, a trained spiritual director’s sole purpose is to support others in being deeply aligned with their own inner spiritual guidance.

• Spiritual directors meet with directees over a period of at least six months, often working with individuals and groups over the course of several years or more. It can be a life-long experience.

• Spiritual Direction is not pastoral care, mental health counseling, coaching, or teaching, though sessions occasionally intersect with these vocations.

• Spiritual direction provides an individualized, intuitive, and integrative experience of spirituality that many, even within our own churches, are seeking right now. This kind of one-on-one exploration supports traditional ministry by creating a stronger foundation of consciousness that builds deep community and connection.

For questions and registration, contact Joni Lorraine, Spiritual Direction Coordinator, at spiritualdirection@unity.org at Unity Worldwide Ministries, Unity Village, Missouri.


What is UWSI's Spiritual Direction Program?

• Cohorts form every fall for a two-year program. All classes must be completed consecutively and are unique to the program. Other classes taken in other programs do not count as credit toward spiritual direction certification.

• The program consists of two online classes per quarter for two years, one-on-one online meetups with designated mentors, and online supervised Spiritual Direction practice with cohorts. New cohorts form every September.

• The program contains some Unity and New Thought principles and teachings, but it is an interspiritual program for individuals who are called to companion others of all religions and spiritual backgrounds.

• Program graduates receive a certificate of completion from UWSI’s program in the Art of Spiritual Direction. The program has no credentialing status in Unity churches or Unity Worldwide Ministries.

• Tuition is $3500 for the first year and $3000 for the second year of courses. We offer a 10% discount for those who pay for the full year at the beginning of each, totaling $3150 for year one and $2700 for year two. There is a payment plan available for those paying each quarter. There is a $35 enrollment fee for those who are not already enrolled in Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute. You may apply at any time.

Our Five Tenets of Spiritual Direction

Unitive consciousness

Mystical wisdom

Inner evolutionary spiritual consciousness

Authentic divine nature

Many contemplative paths to inner peace

To learn more about our five tenets, click here.

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More Resources

Ascending the Mountain: Dimensions of Spiritual Companionship” by Rev. Seifu Anil Singh-Molares, MTS, Executive Director of Spiritual Directors International
Reprinted with permission from Spiritual Directors International (SDI). All rights reserved.

Article: “GPS for the Soul” by Rev. Robert Brumet (Unity Magazine, May/June 2021)


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