Marketing - Promoting Your Ministry


Unity Branding Program

Bring your ministry into the branding process through our Branding Program. Through extensive research with both those inside and outside our Unity movement, we have gathered input that is both scientifically grounded and spiritually resonant. Our branded identity gives us a united voice and image for our movement. This program includes many resources including local ministry logos, branding manual, access to our experienced print provider and web vendor, as well as ongoing support.


Social Media - Cultivate Online Engagement

Most often, the first place people will discover your ministry (or where they will go to learn more about it) is online. Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM) can help you build an engaging online presence that will help people discover and learn about your ministry. UWM shares videos and digital posters on the UWM Facebook pages and groups. Please feel free to share those posts from UWM on your social media sites.

You may also download free videos and digital posters to incorporate into your presentation during Sunday services or classes, in your social media, electronic newsletter, website, etc. You can find these digital resources on our media website.


How to Monetize Your YouTube Videos: Learn how to make your YouTube videos start working for you financially.

Video Tips: We've put together a handy guide for you to use when creating video content for your spiritual community or social media needs.

Streaming: Unity Worldwide Ministries provides a guide to various levels of video streaming, the costs involved, and the objectives satisfied at each level.


Getting the Word Out

The information and downloads below for marketing your spiritual community are ideal for new ministries and all ministries looking to start a marketing campaign.

Welcoming Practices and Outreach Initiatives: The Thriving In Unity 1.0  program contains many marketing tools for creating outreach initiatives. Specific tools include Benchmark 3, “Defining a Welcoming Practice for Your Ministry;” Benchmark 4, “Developing and Maintaining an Up-To-Date Web Presence;” Benchmark 5 “Scheduling Guest Events;” and Benchmark 7, “Spiritual Social Action.”  

Ministry Marketing Companion coaching workbook: Although written prior to the proliferation of computer technology and the creation of Unity’s Branding Program, this workbook still contains valuable tried-and-true methods for marketing your ministry to the community. Topics include: planning your advertising, ads that work, producing printed materials, newsletter know-how, direct mail campaign tips and more ....

Ministry Media Companion coaching workbook:  A workbook for those beginning a media outreach campaign, this material identifies important basic media marketing concepts. Topics include: 10 steps for beginning a media outreach campaign, choosing the right media, "free" media and more ...

Ministry Surveys. Below are links to two different surveys for increasing your understanding and knowledge of how best to serve your spiritual community.  

2011 Communications Survey
Want to know what other ministries do to keep in touch? In 2011, Unity Worldwide Ministries conducted a communications survey focused on how ministries connect to and communicate with their congregants. Questions in the survey included methods for newsletter distribution and receiving feedback, ways spiritual communities have a presence online, and favorite church administration resources, spiritual magazines and websites. Survey results from 335 respondents were published in Contact magazine and are available here

Ministry Informational Survey
Conducting a survey is an ideal way to gain a better understanding of the congregation and its preferences. Whether part of a marketing planning process or not, a survey can help you understand how to be of greater service to congregants. Here is a link to a general survey; please edit it to fit your ministry community.


Mailings to Daily Word® List. Ministries may make a postcard mailing to the Daily Word subscribers in their area once a year. First, decide on the ZIP codes you want covered. Then contact Customer Care via email at or call 816-251-3571, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CST).

Professionally produced radio spots are available as free downloads. Fifteen different radio spot series, each with a unique theme, incorporate professional voice talent, background music and scrips woven with Unity truth. The spots, produced in a professional recording studio, are mastered to mix well with a variety of radio station formats. Audio production requirements and music copyrights have been taken care of by Unity Worldwide Ministries. Additionally, some radio spot series have corresponding print ads to create a fuller media campaign.

Camera-ready art for print ads is available as free PDF format downloads. These ads have proven to attract attention and awareness for Unity ministries. Each ad is available in two sizes (5 inch and 2.5 inch wide.) Please download the image size that most closely matches the ad space you are purchasing. To download, simply right click on the ad art that you want and save to your computer. And remember, many of these print ads have a corresponding radio spot series.

Contact Bernadette Swanson,, for more information.