UWSI Instructor Resources

Resources for Instructors

This page houses forms for both UWSI faculty and instructors who are teaching in the Unity field. We will be adding more as the program develops. If you don't see a form you need, please contact us and we'll do our best to make it available for all.

SEE Instructor Forms

Online SEE Course Registration Form** rsvd 2/2023
Use this form - if you wish to have your course registered with UWSI's online registration system where students can register and pay their registration fee online for your SEE course. This will also allow instructors to submit grades through UWSI's online registration system. To be put on the UWSI website, forms must be submitted one month before the start of the course. Directions will be sent to instructors when this form has been received by the UWSI Enrollment Coordinator. Questions? enrollment.uwsi@unity.org.

SEE Course Registration and Grade Report Form** rsvd 9/20/22
Use this form - if you have not had your student enroll through UWSI's online registration process. This form will allow you to submit your SEE course taught, in the "Unity field,"to UWSI and register students for SEE credit. Please remember to submit each student's $45 (USD) registration fee when sending the registration form to UWSI.  

Request to Audit Form**

Should you have a student who wants to audit your course, please direct them to the "For Students" webpage and look under "Tuition, Fees, Scholarships & More" for more information and a link to the form. You can also use this Request to Audit Form. The student is to fill out their information and send it to the UWSI Enrollment Coordinator at enrollment.uwsi@unity.org. The Enrollment Coordinator will contact you for your approval and signature.

**How To Use the Fillable PDF Forms Above: The forms above are fillable PDFs, please use the following procedure to insure your information is saved correctly.

  • Click on the link for the form you wish to use.
  • Click on the arrow in the top right-hand corner of the page the link takes you to and rename the form before downloading to your computer.
  • Save again after completing the information and before sending to the UWSI Enrollment Coordinator at enrollment.uwsi@unity.org

Click here: How to use Blackboard for Your Field Course - Instructions for step-by-step instructions on how to enter your students' grade in the Blackboard online learning system.

Policies and Procedures for SEE Courses Taught in the Field

  • Syllabi and course materials for our SEE courses are available upon request. Please email education.info@unity.org or Erin Morse at emorse@unity.org  (see "For Instructors" webpage for a list of classes). Materials from the current online courses will continue to be adapted for Unity field instructors starting in 2019.  

SEE Completion Certificates

SEE Completion Certificates Now Available - We want to honor your SEE students who have completed their SEE Spiritual Development program. Students who have completed all 22 required SEE courses can request a certificate of completion from the UWSI Enrollment Coordinator. Have your students contact the UWSI office at 816.434.6872 or enrollment.uwsi@unity.org to request their certificate.

If you wish your student's to receive SEE credit for your course, your form must include the following information for each student:

  • Legal first name, middle initial and last name (please, no nicknames)
  • Home address
  • Email address
  • Complete birth date

Without the above information, we are unable to enter the student's grade into our database. If this information is not on your report, we will contact you and ask you to correct the form.  Thank you for all you are doing for your Unity communities and your students!

Credentialed Unity Leader Tuition Discount 

All Unity ministers and licensed teachers who wish to teach SEE courses for credit must maintain at least ten (10) current Continuing Education Units (CEUs). To learn more about these requirements, see the Continuing Education requirements.

Important information: 50% discount for Unity ordained ministers for both SEE and M&RS courses, 50% discount for licensed Unity teachers for SEE courses. Note: This discount is to be used for Continuing Education and may not be used to obtain additional credentialing. Contact the enrollment coordinator at enrollment.uwsi@unity.org or 816.434.6872 to receive your discount coupon code.