Retirement/Pension Opportunities

Unity Worldwide Ministries is pleased to provide a 403(b)(9) plan for all full-time employees of affiliated ministries.

Financial Advisory Firm: Wilborn Advisors

Unity Worldwide Ministries is pleased to announce that Wilborn Advisors has been selected as the financial advisory firm to support participants of the Unity Worldwide Ministries 403(b)(9) Plan. Marc Wilborn and Peggy Bruce from Wilborn Advisors hosted a dialogue call on February 9, 2021, to introduce themselves and further describe their services. Find the call archive on our Connection Space webpage, under Ministry Support. Read their introductory information.

Marc Wilborn, FSA
Direct: 913-827-9957

Peggy Bruce
Direct: 913-827-9952

Customer Support

Our pension plan is administered by Empower Retirement Services. You can access the plan website at For questions/assistance with your retirement plan account, please contact customer service at 866-467-7756.

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Other Information

  • Please initiate loans through web or phone access with Empower Retirement.
  • You will need your PIN to make changes to your investments. New participants receive their PIN in the mail shortly after the first deposit activates their account.
  • Your change of address at Empower does not change your address at Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM). Conversely, your change at UWM does not change your address at Empower.
  • Empower Retirement Security Guarantee

Is it Time to Retire?

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