Montreal Canada Minister

Posted 9/7/2022

Unity Centre of Montreal        
3455 Girouard  
Montreal QC H4A 4C5

Category: Minister In Residence

Average Sunday Attendance: 15-25
Salary: Approx. CAN $1000/month plus a percentage of offerings and use of Minister’s manse


Unity Centre of Montreal is located in the vibrant, multilingual, multicultural city of Montreal. The Centre sits across a beautiful park of NDG,  a renewal of artistic and culinary delights. Public transportation, bus and metro station near by.

Ministers in Residence (MIR) are responsible, in coordination with the Senior Minister, for the conduct and content of all Sunday services and Midweek Event. They are encouraged to participate in the daily Noon Meditation and maintain some office hours presence on weekdays.

Ministers in Residence receive as compensation while serving the use of the Minister’s manse, a one bedroom/bath, kitchen and living room and a minister’s compensation of $1,000 per month. In addition, MIR receives Love offering from counselling and spiritual support PLUS 50% of Love offering from workshops, extra classes, or events of their choosing during their stay, and proceeds of their own books or similar materials while in residence.  

The Ministers in Residence Program seeks only experienced Unity ministers (or other ordinations and leaders,  recognized by Unity, UWM).

For more information, contact Maya Brandenberger, or contact the ministry at the address listed above.