Youth and Family Ministry

Our Youth and Family Ministry brochure provides an overview of the areas of service we provide. More resources are referenced below.


Starting/Enhancing a Youth & Family Ministry Program

You can create a program that is sustainable over the years by building a strong foundation through vision, Unity principles and sound administrative practices. On the Starting/Enhancing a Youth & Family Ministry Program page, you will find tools for building a strong foundation, creating a welcoming presence, creating an empowered YFM team and creating a vibrant Sunday morning experience.


Teen Ministry

Teen ministry in Unity ... is an integral part of several age-appropriate components offered to serve the different populations within it. There are times when the entire congregation can be together but different age-appropriate youth programs are usually offered simultaneously to meet the various developmental needs of these Truth students. ~ Teen Ministry Manual

Uniteen groups meet each Sunday in Unity centers to explore spiritual truths. They provide a safe place for youth in their preteen years, ages 11–13 (grades 6–8), to connect with others and explore what they believe. Most groups also meet for social outings to socialize and develop healthy relationships.

Resources found on this page include Uniteen leadership support, developmental needs of this age group, as well as Rites of Passages and Spirit Group materials.

Youth of Unity (YOU) is an international youth group and active teen ministry for high school students, ages 14–18 (grades 9–12). Teens gather at a Unity center, usually on Sunday, to explore and discover spiritual truths and learn how these truths relate to their lives. Most chapters meet at other times to do service in their ministry and community, have a social event, or attend regional and/or international events. Officers, or a leadership team, are often elected to help plan for the local group.

Resources found on this page include how to create and enhance a thriving YOU Group through Sponsor support to teen leadership development. Also found here are YOU lessons and Family Group materials.

2023 IYOU Event: Appreciation! The purpose of IYOU 2023 is to create the opportunity to connect with ourselves, our chosen family, and our history in order to grow in both our spirituality and emotional minds.


Sacred Safety

Sacred safety helps create an environment where young people can explore their spiritual identity and potential without threat of harm. It includes the resources, practices, policies and procedures that reduce the possibility of dangerous situations, injury or loss. Having consistent, well thought-out guidelines for which staff and volunteers are trained and held accountable reduces the church's liability.



Unity Worldwide Ministries offers curriculum for all ages. Our curriculum page gives an overview of what is available and offers guidance in selecting curriculum. 

Also found on this page is an explanation of Unity's Living Curriculum philosophy, as well as links to additional curriculum resources.


YFM Resources & Links
This page contains general resources, articles, book lists, and webistes that support children's ministry.
This page contains support materials on dealing with grief, teen suicide prevention, drug use intervention and anti-bullying resources. 
As we move more fully into these virtual times, we have the opportunity to create interactive online experiences for our children. The lessons are not dependent upon connecting through a live Zoom-like session, but rather are designed to be enjoyed at any time from any place wifi is available.  The children can move through the experiences on their own as well as exploring them with their parents/guardians.
This page contains lessons that can be shared via a live video call. The content includes a link to a story being read on a Youtube video as well as a PowerPoint that can be shared during the live session. Feel free to download the PowerPoints as use them as is or add your own creativity to each one.
Resources, books, and Family Group materials can be found on this page.

Youth & Family Ministry Mini-Trainings
Microlearning consists of short training modules that are focused on a specific topic that contain the information necessary to help the learner achieve a specific objective or goal. The training modules are designed to support the growth and development of youth and family ministry programs by offering simple and effective ways to train your staff and volunteers. 


Training and Credentialing

The best way to have a Unity-based, vibrant, safe educational environment for your children and teens is to have trained youth and family directors, teachers - and ministers

  • Certified Spiritual Educator training will boost your effectiveness and mastery in the classroom. It is the first-level of certification for those serving the youth of our Unity movement. The next step would be Licensed Teacher, Youth Ministry focus and an Ordained Unity Minister.



Working with a mentor, these award programs help young people learn about their own spiritual nature through Unity philosophy. Awards can be earned for Boy Scouts of America; Camp Fire, Inc.; Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.; 4-H and other youth groups. Unity ministries can implement the program for their young people who want to deepen their spiritual understanding and earn the award. Adults serving youth can also be nominated for the Distinguished Youth Service Award.


Young Adult Ministry (NextGen Unity - NGU)

We, on the NextGen Leadership team, wish to gain information from young adults ages 18 – 35 in order to help our Unity Ministers and Spiritual Leaders serve this group of congregants.  Our team has formulated a survey to be dispersed to 18 – 35-year old’s in your congregation who currently participate in Unity Ministries or have participated in Unity in the past. Click here for more information.



Regional Support

Unity ministries in the United States are divided into seven regions. In each region, YFM Regional Leadership Teams support and enrich spiritual development of youth and those who serve them.


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