YFM Regional Leadership Team


YFM Regional Leaders and Unity Regions in the United States

The Unity ministries in the United States are divided up into seven regions. In each region, there are Youth & Family Ministry (YFM) regional leaders that support and enrich the spiritual development of youth and all those who serve them. Throughout the year, these consultants offer training, retreats, consultations (phone and personal visits) and support. Below is information on how to contact the consultants in your region.


For information on events and trainings in your region, click on your region's contact information.


Outside the United States

Canadian ministries are invited to participate in the US region closest to their location.
For other nations, please consult with your national association.


YFM Regional Leadership Team Key

(C) Children—for those serving infants through 5th grade
(U) Uniteen—for those serving grades 6–8
(Y) Youth of Unity—for those serving grades 9–12
CSE—Certified Spiritual Educator
LUT—Licensed Unity Teacher



Contact information at:  www.unityeasternregion.org
Janell Renshaw, LUT (C, U, Y) teenconsultant@unityeasternregion.org


Great Lakes

Contact information at: www.greatlakesunity.com/youth-family-ministry
Rev. Chase (C)  yfmtrainingdirector@greatlakesunity.com
Tyler Pritchard (U, Y)  Tylerpritchard12@gmail.com



Contact information at: https://www.unitynwregion.org/youth
Christine Castaldi (C, U) cbchris.2010@gmail.com
Nick Muncie-Jarvis, LUT (Y) you@unitynwregion.org


South Central

Contact the region for information at: unitysouthcentral.org
Rev. Gordon Keyler (C, U) yfmrepresentative@unitysouthcentral.org
Julie Core (Y) youconsultant@unitysouthcentral.org


Contact information at: www.seunityyouth.org
Ytonna Finnegan (C, U, Y)  ytonna@yahoo.com



Contact information at: www.swunityyouth.org
Angie Keyes (C,U) AngieUnityYM@gmail.com

West Central

Bethany Hannon, (C) hannon_bethany@yahoo.com
Mike Gomez (Y) sponsormike@hotmail.com


Support may also be available in your region with young adults and Next Generation Unity (NGU).