UWM Convention 2023


We rose above the challenges of 2021. We got ready for the work in 2022. Now, let's go back in time, pick up the pieces of history, refresh our spiritual awakening, renew our founding beliefs, and go full speed ahead to move Unity forward in 2023. Let's go Back to The Future!

Since two or more gathered together have the tremendous power that Jesus promised, what power would be released if thousands could be united in speaking one thought!

~Myrtle Fillmore

Hotel Information

Convention will be held at the Sheraton Overland Park Hotel at the Convention Center. Experience a rewarding stay in this modern hotel, just a short drive from Kansas City and MCI Airport. Use this link to book your stay.
**NOTE: Due to our booking contract with the Sheraton, those staying at other hotels or paid accommodations are required to pay the $100 fee at the time of registration.