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New e-Newsletters: UWM Connections and UWM Partners (formerly know as The Path)

As a part of our continued efforts to become more focused and effective in our communications, we've recognized it is time to reimagine our monthly email communications and have retired The Path. In its place we have have created two new e-publications:

UWM Connections

UWM Connections will be emailed the 3rd Thursday of each month, solely focused on the information UWM needs to share with you. This will include topics such as: what is happening behind the scenes here at the central office, updates from our Board of Trustees and leadership, resources and tools to help you thrive, continuing education, and all the other ways UWM is working to support our membership, both leaders and ministries. 


UWM Partners

UWM Partners will be emailed the 4th Thursday of the month and focuses on communication from our organizational partners, sister organizations, and updates about what’s happening in the field. UWM Partners will give more attention and focus to
communications from, for example, Unity World Headquarters, Unity Urban Ministerial School, EarthCare, SEE weeks in the field etc.  

Special Communications/Updates from the UWM Board

These publications are sent only as-needed. This email communication contains important, time-sensitive news concerning Unity Worldwide Ministries or updates from our Board that must be sent in a timely manner.



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Publication Inclusion Policy

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Connection Space - Web-Based Conference Calls

Feel free to join our ongoing web conference dialogue calls with other Unity leaders. All are welcome to participate! 


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Unity Worldwide Ministries - "Like" our Unity Worldwide Ministries page on Facebook to receive short updates, announcements and reminders.

Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute - Check in for news about registration and classes on the Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute Facebook page.

UWM Conversations - UWM Conversations is a Facebook community created just for UWM credentialed leaders, UWM staff, and the UWM Board of Trustees on the topics of how we can better support you.

International Youth of Unity - Keep up with breaking news about the International Youth of Unity Event on this Facebook page.

Next Generation of Unity - Interact with other Unity people ages 18-35ish on the Next Generation of Unity Facebook page.



Unity Worldwide Ministries - Visit our YouTube channel and stay up-to-date with our recent uploads and explore our archive of past videos.



Unity Worldwide Ministries - Visit our Instagram page and share the graphics, many from our media site.



The site contains digital posters and banners plus some videos for you to use on your social media channels. All are free!