Become a Minister

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Unity offers practical, spiritual teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living. We believe in making a positive difference in the world.

Are you called to serve in Unity by:
- Helping people discover and live their purpose and potential through a greater awareness of God?
- Inspiring others through your positive example of prayer and leadership?
- Providing practical teachings to help people live healthy prosperous lives?
- Leading communities of like-minded people on this positive path for spiritual living?

If your answer to these questions is yes, we invite you to further explore becoming a credentialed Unity leader through the Unity ordination path. Ordination as a Unity minister is granted by Unity Worldwide Ministries (aka the Association of Unity Churches International.)

Different Paths to Become a Unity Minister

  • Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute's Ministerial and Religious Studies program (M&RS) is our primary path for ordination. Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute offers a Unity-conferred Masters of Divinity program. This program is designed to span 3 years for full-time students and 5 years for part-time students with a 7 year maximum time limit on completion.

    This program is a 90 credit hour program, 83 credit hours of Core course and 7 credit hours of elective courses. The first and second years are comprised of four 10-week academic terms per year, consisting of online courses (both synchronous and asynchronous) and two face-to-face Intensives per year. The third year is comprised of a 16-week ministry internship, two 9-week internships and one face-to-face Intensive.

    For more information about requirements and application to this path, see the Admissions and Application Process and then contact the Unity Worldwide Ministries Credentialing Coordinator, Rev Lynn O'Dell at or 816.434.6843.
  • Unity Urban Ministerial School - If you are interested in Urban Ministry, the Unity Urban Ministerial School is located in Detroit, Michigan, and offers both residential and online courses. This program is a three to four year process. The first year is designed to give Unity Worldwide Ministries prerequisite courses before entering the ministerial portion. If you have already completed the prerequisite courses, you may directly enter the two-year program of ministerial courses which culminates in licensure. This is followed by a third year of internship experience prior to ordination
    • To learn more about the requirements for this Unity Ordination Path click here and then contact the Unity Worldwide Ministries Credentialing Coordinator, Rev Lynn O'Dell at or  816.434.6843.
    • For more information about the Unity Urban Ministerial School, go to
  • International Ministerial Program - For studies outside of the continental United States, you can find information about the International Ministerial Program here. For more specific information, contact the Unity Worldwide Ministries, Rev. Cynthia Vermillion-Foster at
  • New Field Program - We are currently in the process of developing a new field program that allows individuals to obtain a Unity ordination while serving in a ministry leadership program.  We will post specifics about this program as quickly as possible.  If you would like to be placed on a list to be considered for this new program once it is developed, please contact, Rev Lynn O’Dell at

In recognition of Unity Worldwide Ministries credentialing requirements and addressing the concerns of a growing number of smaller "family-sized" ministries who feel, for various reason, that they cannot hire a minister or licensed Unity teacher, but want to serve Unity in a a viable way, the Regions offer additional support. This process is a way to help ministries develop leadership in a timely manner and is administrated in a supportive way at the Regional level. For more information, please contact your Regional Representative.

Helpful Resources

Schedules and Fees for Unity Ministry Ordination paths.
Schedule for Field Licensing Intensives through 2020 included in the Field Licensing Handbook

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