All About Your Continuing Education (CEU) Requirement

New Name - Same Requirements: In August 2014, the Credentialing Ministry Team recommended that the name for the “Postgraduate (Postgrad) Credit” requirement for Unity ministers and licensed teachers be changed to “Continuing Education" aka (CEU).

More information can be found in the Continuing Education Credits policy.

What are continuing education units (CEUs) and why, as a credentialed Unity leader, do I need them?

All Unity ministers and licensed teachers who wish to teach SEE courses for credit must maintain at least ten (10) current CEUs. CEUs are given for professional development courses, workshops or events which improve your teaching, communication or ministry skills. You must be the student...not the teacher.

CEU credits are valid for three years and are based on the number of hours you participated. CEUs are calculated by the hours spent in the classroom.  Examples: 1-5 hours in a workshop = 5 CEUs/6+ hours=10 CEUs.

What kind of classes/events would count for CEUs?

There are several options for classes or workshops. To be eligible for CEU credit, a workshop/course must provide tools for professional growth and directly benefit your skills in ministry, teaching or communication.

Some options are:

  • Attendance at any national or regional Unity convention or conference
  • SEE classes at Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute or local ministries.
  • SEE/courses that have been changed/revised since you took them.
  • Classes from the Ministry and Religious Studies program at Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute.
  • Non-Unity focused classes/workshops for professional growth that provide professional growth and improve your communication, teaching or ministry skills

Please request advance approval for the following: college credit courses, continuing education classes, classes that focus on personal rather than professional growth, etc.

How does Unity Worldwide Ministries home office staff know that I've taken a class to update my CEUs?

To receive CEUs for a course, you must complete the Request for Continuing Education Units, attach a copy of the course/workshop documentation showing course content, date, length, facilitator, etc.; and return completed form to Unity Worldwide Ministries.

What happens if I don't keep up my CEU work?

You will be unable to teach SEE classes for credit until your CEUs are up to date. Unity Worldwide Ministries provides current postgrad credit information to Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute which verifies the instructor's CEU eligibility when entering SEE credit for students. If the instructor's CEUs have expired, the students who took the class will not receive SEE credit until the instructor's credits are updated. In addition, licensed Unity teachers must maintain 10 current CEUs to remain "active."

I had 100 hours worth of work and you only show 10 CEUs. Why?

Because we require 10 current CEUs, we only track the most recent CEUs. We focus on those CEUs which will extend your "current" status the farthest. We also recommend that you also keep copies of any documentation you send us.

How much does it cost to register my credits with Unity Worldwide Ministries?

Nothing, there is no fee charged to update your post-grad credits. We thank the ministries and individuals whose regular financial support allows us to register your credits at no cost.

Who do I contact if I have questions or want credit for class/workshop or if I am putting on an event and would like it approved for CEUs?

Questions about CEUs should be directed to the Executive Assistant for the Member Services department at the Unity Worldwide Ministries. You can contact us at: 816.434.6895 or

Ministry and teaching are journeys of amazing growth and fulfillment. We want you to grow and unfold as a minister and teacher, and postgrad work is part of that encouragement. Please to don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

CEU Request Form
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