All About Your Continuing Education (CEU) Requirement

In order to support the ongoing growth and professional development of our credentialed leaders, Unity Worldwide Ministries requires continuing education for our ministers and licensed Unity teachers.

Ministers are required to:
  • Take 5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) each year.
  • Take 1 hour of Ethics/Boundaries training each year.
  • Take 1 hour of Inclusivity training each year.

CEUs for Ministers Policy

Licensed Unity Teachers to:
  • Take 3 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) each year.
  • Take 1 hour of Ethics/Boundaries training each year.
  • Take 1 hour of Inclusivity training each year.

CEUs for Licensed Unity Teachers Policy

Grace Period for CEUs

Due to the fact that this is the first year of our new CEU policies, we are giving Unity credentialed leaders a three-month grace period to complete CEUs for 2019 only. You can complete 2019 requirements by March 31—but you will need to complete all 2020 CEUs during 2020.



1.  CEU Pre-Approval Form  - To request PRE-APROVAL for attending or teaching a non-SEE or Unity approved class. Form

2.  CEU REQUEST FORM - To request CEU credit for taking or teaching an APPROVED class or Unity SEE/Ministerial course. Form
3. CEU REQUEST – CONFERENCE OR CONVENTION – To request credit for taking an APPROVED Unity workshop at a regional workshop or convention. Form
4. FOR CONFERENCE ORGANIZERS ONLY.   CEU PRE-APPROVAL form for Regional Conference or workshop – To request PRE-APPROVAL for a regional workshop or conference. Form


Where can I find classes/events that qualify for CEU credit?

Unity Worldwide Ministries is committed to making CEUs relevant and easy to obtain.  

We appreciate everyone’s eagerness in ensuring their CEUs are up-to-date.  There have been some questions about what will be available especially with regards to the Ethics and Boundaries and Inclusivity.  Please be aware that we are endeavoring to make this possible – for Ethics/Boundaries, Inclusivity and the general Profession Development credits.  Here are options that are available:
  • Seminars at convention
  • Many of our regions are working on seminars to meet these requirements at their regional conferences – please check with your regional leadership to learn more
  • Online trainings through Member Services.  There are ongoing opportunities to earn Professional Development credits, and we will be offering webinars on Ethics/Boundaries and Inclusivity in the fall, most likely in November.  We will have dates posted on our website by mid-July, and are hoping to have a daytime and an evening time slot available for both of these.
  • You could attend a class or seminar in your local community on one of these topics.  Please be sure to get pre-approval.
  • All SEE and Ministerial courses are available for credit. 

This course is approved for Ethics/Boundaries: Sexual Misconduct and the Role of Congregations.