All About Your Continuing Education (CEU) Requirement

Ministers are required to:

In order to support the ongoing growth and professional development of our credentialed leaders, Unity Worldwide Ministries requires continuing education for our ministers and Licensed Unity Teachers

  • To take 5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) each year.
  • To take 1 hour of Ethics/Boundaries training each year.
  • To take 1 hour of Inclusivity training each year.

CEUs for Ministers Policy

Licensed Unity Teachers

As of January 1, 2019, licensed Unity teachers are required to take 3 CEUs each year, plus 1 hour of UWM ethics/boundaries training and 1 hour of inclusivity training each year.

CEUs for Licensed Unity Teachers Policy


What kind of classes/events would qualify for CEUs?

In general, 1 hour of classroom time is equivalent to 1 CEU.  The following exceptions apply:

  • SEE courses will be worth 3 CEUs each.
  • Each Course completed through a Unity ministerial school or through a bachelor’s or master’s degree program at a college/university will be worth full CEU Credits for the year (3 CEUs for LUTs/5 CEUs for Ministers).
  • Attendance at pre-approved week-long trainings (i.e. Lombard Mennonite, Interim Ministry Network, and other professional trainings) will be worth full CEUs for the year. 
  • Attendance at pre-approved trainings of 1 to 3 days will be worth 3 CEUs
  • 3 CEUs can be earned through attendance at a full-day leadership/board training facilitated by a UWM-certified Consultant.

The first time a Minister or Licensed Unity Teacher teaches an approved class, he/she may receive CEUs.  They cannot receive CEUs for repeated offerings of the class.


Where can I find classes/events that qualify for CEU credit?

Unity Worldwide Ministries is committed to making CEUs relevant and easy to obtain.  We offer workshops at convention that meet CEU requirements and workshops that meet the ethics/boundaries and inclusivity requirements.  We also offer online trainings for all of these requirements. 

Spiritual Education and Enrichment classes and Ministerial classes offered through Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute or the Unity Urban Ministerial School can also be used for CEUs.  PLEASE NOTE: Please submit this form to Member Services Assistant, Denise Boehm (, and provide evidence that you have completed the course(s). 

We are also in collaboration with Unity Regional Leadership to ensure that CEUs are available at regional conferences. Regional Conference Planners PLEASE NOTE: The Regions offering workshops at conferences must receive pre-approval for attendees to receive CEUs.  To do this, please submit this form: Regional Conference pre-approval form1003  to Member Services Assistant, Denise Boehm ( Regional Conference Attendees PLEASE NOTE: The Regions may provide the submission form during the conference. You may also download a copy of the CEU Conference form.

Individuals may also request pre-approval to use other classes/workshops for CEUs.  To do this, please submit this form to Member Services Assistant, Denise Boehm ( PRIOR TO ATTENDING CLASS.  You must also provide evidence that you have completed the class once it is finished.  This would also be done through Denise Boehm.

Unity Ministers and Licensed Unity Teachers who wish to offer a class/workshop for others to receive CEUs must request pre-approval. To do this, please submit this form to Member Services Assistant, Denise Boehm ( PRIOR TO OFFERING THE CLASS.  Participants must complete the form above to receive the credit once the class is finished.