International Youth of Unity

The International Youth of Unity (IYOU) is a program of Unity Worldwide Ministries, under its tax-exempt status and bylaws. All policies and procedures extend only to international-sponsored events. International Youth of Unity honors the unique needs of its regional and individual ministries and does not require that regions and/or church youth programs adhere to these policies in structuring their own programs.


Vision Statement:  As a Spirit-led youth movement, we empower individuals around the world on their spiritual journey.


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Youth of Unity began as Chi Lambda Epsilon in 1936 to “establish spiritual co-operation among the youth of the world.” This was changed to Young People’s Christian Unity (YPCU) in 1936. At the Second Annual YPCU Conference in 1937 the name was changed to Youth of Unity (YOU).

What is YOU?

The Youth of Unity (YOU) is an international youth group for teens ages 14-18 (grades 9-12). The purpose of YOU is to encourage and assist in the spiritual growth of all young people who are seeking to express the indwelling Christ in accordance with the principles of practical Christianity as taught and interpreted by Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village and Unity Worldwide Ministries. YOU provides youth the opportunity to explore Unity's principles and other truth teachings and to demonstrate these in their daily lives.

How do I get involved?

Any Unity church or study group affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries may facilitate an active YOU group. Find an active YOU group in your area.

What is an active YOU group?

In order to attend an international IYOU event, participants from the United States and Canada must be part of an active YOU group/chapter which:

  • Is under the direction of a recognized Unity member ministry of Unity Worldwide Ministries
  • Is active in their regional YOU
  • Includes one or more teens ranging from the ages of 14 through 18 years of age and at least one adult sponsor

A YOU group typically meets on a weekly basis, usually Sunday morning. Youth discuss and learn a variety of spiritual teachings, attend social gatherings, and become involved in their church and community. Officers, or a leadership team, are often elected to help plan for the local group.

What is a regional representative?

Regional representatives, "regis," are teens elected each year at their region's official rally. They plan and lead at least two rallies a year as well as attend and offer their support to other events held during the year. Regis work closely with their regional consultants.

What is an International Event Planning Team Member?

The annual IYOU event is planned and implemented by the International Event Planning Team “Indie,” which consists of one YOUer designated from either three or four of the seven Unity Regions (explained below) and the IYOU Event Coordinator.

Each year, the regional representation rotates:

  • Even Years  has representation from Eastern, Southwest and Great Lakes regions.
  • Odd Years consists of representation from South Central, Northwest, West Central and Southeast regions.


Who is the International Youth of Unity Event Coordinator?

Martin Dowman is the IYOU Event Coordinator. The coordinator, in collaboration with teen members of an International Event Planning Team (Indies), co-creates the International Youth of Unity Event to serve the Youth of Unity. Martin can be reached at

What is Unity Worldwide Ministries?

Unity Worldwide Ministries is comprised of approximately 1,000 member ministries and satellite ministries throughout the world.

Unity Worldwide Ministries home office in Lee's Summit, Mo., is dedicated to supporting and strengthening its member ministries by providing human resources, administrative and educational programs.