Ministry Teams

Unity Worldwide Ministries Ministry Teams

The following is a list of the current Ministry Teams serving Unity Worldwide Ministries.
If you feel led to share your gifts and talents with one of these teams please fill out the ministry team sign up form and send it to Cathy Christy at

Team Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate as a team using the spiritual principles taught by Unity.
  • During discussions and decision-making, any member may request time for prayer about the issue. Upon request, the chair will provide a period of prayer and silence.
  • Support UWM Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan
  • If funding for a project is needed, it must fit into the current budget or plans must be created on how the money will be raised, again working in conjunction with UWM and the strategic plan.
  • Create a system of commitment and be responsive to that team commitment


Purpose: Responsible for the evaluation of ministerial candidate applications and interviewing applicants for entrance into the Ministerial Path. [Team meets in February and August.]
Chair: Diana Taylor  |  Staff Rep: Lynn O'Dell  |  Board Rep: Sharon Ketchum

Award Nominations

Purpose: To develop means to engage colleagues in nominating credentialed Unity leaders for high profile Unity Worldwide Ministries awards, eg. Myrtle Fillmore, Light of God Expressing; to receive and evaluate nominations and to recommend most qualified individuals to the UWM Board of Trustees.
Chair: Julie Armour  |  Staff Rep: Cathy Christy  |  Board Rep: Tom Armour


Purpose: Assumes responsibility for annual review of competitive health and pension plans. [Team meets in January.]
Chair: Morgan Barclay | Staff Rep: Bruce Verkruyse | Board Rep: Richard Bunch


Purpose: (1) We create recommended bylaws and structural documents that describe agreements among ministry leaders, board and church membership about how they will make decisions, use church resources, and fulfill the mission of the church. (2) Our recommended bylaws and related documents provide the framework for healthy, growing, thriving ministries to accomplish their goals. (3) We review and make recommended changes to the bylaws of the Unity Worldwide Ministries that support the fulfillment of the vision, mission, and values it holds. (4) Our team interacts in collegial warmth, integrity, and freedom; to share differing viewpoints and ideas in climate of respect. [Team meets by Bridgeline and email.]
Chair: Diane Sickler | Staff Rep: Cathy Christy | Board Rep: Tom Armour

Certified Ministry Skills Team

(Prerequisite: Must have taken peace skills training.)
Chair:   |  Staff Rep: Cynthia Vermillion-Foster  |  Board Rep:

Colleague Connection

Purpose: To provide pastoral care to credentialed Unity leaders who seek it and to offer pastoral support and care to credentialed leaders who come to the Ministry Team's attention as having pastoral care needs. Including Hospicing & Rapid Response.
Chair: Julie Armour  |  Staff Rep: Carrie Kenyon  |  Board Rep: Myra McFadden

Compassionate Social Action

Purpose: To provide information, guidance, support and, at times, coordination that helps Unity congregations help others and pay it forward. This allows all Unity communities the opportunity to stand for the deep inner principles, which guide our lives. It also offers core leaders the vehicle to reach out to the community when they perhaps have been hesitant to talk about themselves and their work in order to build their churches/centers. Sacred Activism naturally and organically places Unity leaders in a community and as they give—so shall they receive.
Chair: Open  |  Staff Rep:   |  Board Rep: Richard Bunch


Purpose: To provide inspirational forums for our association to further our mission to create and support vibrant, diverse Unity leaders and communities that foster transformation and inspire people to make a positive difference in our world. [Team meets in January and June and by conference call.]
Chair Emeritus: John Strickland  |  Staff Rep:    |  Board Rep: Karen Tudor


Purpose: Out of our desire for thriving, diverse credentialed leaders, the purpose of our Credentialing Team is to build bridges and collaborate with teams and schools to identify clear standards for our credentialing process and to ensure that candidates are equipped to meet those standards and to function as effective credentialed leaders. [Team meets in April and August.]
Chair: David Mosher |  Staff Rep: Deborah Frownfelter  |  Board Rep: John McMahon


Purpose: The Unity EarthCare Team supports Unity Worldwide Ministries in fostering the awareness of our spiriutal oneness with our Earth home and promoting active care of creation.
Chair: Ron Habin  |  Staff Rep: Cathy Christy  |  Board Rep: Sharon Ketchum

Ethics Review System

Purpose: The Ethics Review System (ERS) provides compassionate peer adjudication of complaints of Code of Ethics violations and/or sexual misconduct by Unity credentialed leaders and/or ethical violations by Unity ministries. A minister who may have acted in ways that are inconsistent with our Code of Ethics is subject to review through our Ethics Review System.  If it is determined that there was a violation, a plan is developed to make amends for the violation and for the minister to take action to understand and abide by our Code of Ethics.  The process is similar if a ministry board of trustees may have violated its Code of Ethics.
Council of Chairs: Sondra von Gyllenband, Chair Judicatory Representatives; Sharon Allmond, Chair of Chairs and Chair Advocates; Bob Brach, Chair Editorial Team; Pat Ball, Chair Fact Finders
Staff Rep: Cynthia Vermillion-Foster  |  Board Rep: Toni Fish


Purpose: To lay a foundation of support and create pathways of viability and sustainability for new Expansion Unity Ministries and their ministers/spiritual leaders as they form,  grow, and mature to full status. To support the Unity Worldwide Ministries Board and Staff in the approval for credentialing of new Expansion Unity Ministries.
Chair: Pat Ball  |  Staff Rep: Carrie Kenyon  |  Board Rep: Chris Ashe

Field Licensing

Purpose: This ministry team provides a program for achieving recognition as a licensed and eventually ordained Unity minister for those persons who are currently employed as spiritual leaders of recognized Unity ministries or are employed as associates or assistants to ministers in member ministries, when their absence to attend the Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute residential studies would adversely affect the ministry. [Team meets in March.]
Chair: Linda Taylor & Shawn Moninger  |  Staff Rep: Lynn O'Dell  |  Board Rep: Toni Fish

Finance and Budget

Purpose: This ministry team assumes responsibility to review, recommend, and monitor the fiscal affairs of our association to ensure good fiscal management of all funds. [Team meets in April and as needed.]
Chair: Richard Bunch  |  Staff Rep: Bruce Verkruyse  |  Board Rep: Karen Tudor

Health and Wholeness

Purpose: To develop programs/provide opportunities that promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wholeness for spiritual leaders and ministers of Unity. This team will offer programs at convention and also offer support and suggestions to other conference team leaders such as the regional conferences.
Chair: Edith Washington-Woods  |  Staff Rep: Diana Kennedy  |  Board Rep: Barry Vennard

Help Unity Grow (HUG)

Purpose: To administer low-interest loans and/or grants for ministries.

Chair:     |  Staff Rep: Bruce Verkryuse  |  Board Rep: Tim Alderman

International Connections

Purpose: We serve the dynamic and expanding Unity Worldwide Ministries to support the co-creation of a world that words for all. [Team meets in January.]
Co-Chairs: Diana Isaacs & Lisa Davis  |  Staff Rep: Deborah Frownfelter; Xiomara Malagon  |  Board Rep: Tim Lytle

International Credentialing Ministry Team for Spanish–Speaking, English–Speaking and German-Speaking

Purpose:  To evaluate applications for licensing and ordination of ministerial candidates residing outside the USA. Teams send their recommendations to the Board of Trustees for final approval. [Team members communicate via email or through video conference once a year]
Chair: Mara Maritza Ortega [Spanish-speaking], David Durkson [English-speaking], Maya Brandenberger [German-speaking]

Judicatory Representatives

Purpose: The Judicatory Representatives (JR) conduct the re-entry process for ministers out of pulpit ministry for more than a year or under other certain conditions. The Judicatory Representatives are also a component team of the Ethics Review System. The purpose of the Ethics Review System is to provide compassionate adjudication, as needed, to provide aid in the healthy transformation of credentialed Unity leaders and affiliated ministries. Members of this team are assigned by the Regions.[Team meets in January and by conference call.]
Chair: Sondra von Gyllenband  |  Staff Rep: Cynthia Vermillion-Foster  |  Board Rep: Toni Fish

Leadership Recruitment Development Team [LRDT]

Purpose: The purpose of this ministry team is to search out qualified, active leaders who are committed to the mission, vision, goals, values and beliefs of Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM). This ministry team is empowered by UWM to select qualified candidates as described above for election to the Board of Trustees (Board) and for election to the Leadership Recruitment and Development Team (LRDT). Members of this team are elected by the conference body at convention. [Team meets by conference call.]
Chair: Anna Andes  |  Staff Rep: Cathy Christy  |  Board Rep: Karen Tudor

Licensing & Ordination [L&O]

Purpose: Assumes responsibility for evaluating ministerial education candidates to assure that the Unity movement is served by effective, spiritually-conscious, committed ministers. [Team meets in January and June.]
Chair: David Mosher  |  Staff Rep: Lynn O'Dell  |  Board Rep:


Purpose: Promotes the development of a variety of high-quality music resources and educational materials appropriate for use in New Thought ministries and increases and enhances the availability of such resources and materials to New Thought ministries through: yearly music conference; joint website; and by partnering with Unity Worldwide Ministries development teams to coordinate music program growth and resource awareness. [Team meets in January .]
Chair: David Ezell  |  Staff Rep: Jacquie Lenati  |  Board Rep: Sharon Ketchum


Purpose: To expand and strengthen the financial base of our association through creative processes and strategies whose purpose is the raising of prosperity consciousness.  The Team holds UWM in prayers for prosperity, guidance and divine order. It produces the Prosperity Tip published monthly in The Path. The Team collects and sends weekly eNews of useful resources for ministers.
Co-Chairs: Margee Grounds and Susan EngPoole |  Staff Rep: Celia Holman  |  Board Rep: Tim Alderman


Purpose: To assure standards of professional excellence for our association to further our mission to create and support vibrant, diverse, spiritual leaders and communities that foster transformation and inspire people to make a positive difference in our world.

  • Act as a vehicle for feedback for the UWM Board of Trustees regarding the impact and implementation of association policies and procedures in the field ministries.
  • Review and/or develop and recommend policies and procedures.
  • Evaluate the professional qualification and competence of ministers and others who apply for “other paths” leading to ordination that are referred to the Standards Ministry Team.
  • Review and make decisions for ministers or ministries requesting restoration.
  • Act as a resource for the Future Trends Ministry Team, providing them with a regional perspective. [Team meets January, June and monthly on conference call.]

Chair: Pat Bessey  |  Staff Rep: Cynthia Vermillion-Foster  |  Board Rep: Karen Tudor

Visionary Spiritual Education

Purpose: Supports and promotes the development of educational materials and programing that encourages the growth of sustainable multigenerational ministries.
Chair: Diane Venzera  |  Staff Rep: Deborah Frownfelter  |  Board Rep: Myra McFadden


To request to participate in a team, contact Cathy Christy at 816.434.6841. Click here for a ministry team sign up form.