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Join us for the  2015 Unity People's Convention, June 8-12 in Albuquerque, NM, the land of enchantment.

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The first thing you notice is the light. Sunsets that spill reds, pinks and oranges across the rugged Sandia Mountains. The sparkle on wet surfaces, brilliant as diamonds, as the sun breaks through after one of the infrequent rains. Even on the most ordinary days—that is to say, the spectacularly sunny days that make up the vast majority of the year in Albuquerque—the sun bathes the city in a light that seems somehow brighter, richer than almost anywhere else in the country.

It’s not hard to imagine that the Pueblo Indians who came to this area nearly a thousand years ago chose to settle here because the light seemed to hold the promise of a better life. The Rio Grande river coursing through the area was the more practical reason, given that the Pueblo had migrated from drought-stricken areas to the northwest. But between the plentiful water and the otherworldly light, the place must have seemed like paradise to those ancient people. The Albuquerque area has long attracted people searching for paradise on earth.

Today, with a population of more than 700,000 in the greater metropolitan area, Albuquerque is New Mexico’s largest city. Still, in some of the best ways, little has changed. The city’s soul was formed by the interweaving of Spanish and Native American cultures. That unique blend of customs and traditions, rituals and languages, even food, created the colorful, richly textured character that define Albuquerque today. The most casual visitor can’t help but notice those cultural influences in everything from the Spanish and adobe architecture to the art to the food.







Once again this year we are offering Energy work in the Serenity Room


A Serenity Room for receiving energy work and bodywork from practitioners in the Albuquerque area and from the Health and Wholeness Ministry Team will be offered Monday through Friday at the convention.

Practitioners in Reiki, Massage, Reflexology and other wellness therapies will provide 30 or 60 minute treatments by appointment. Attendees who wish to sign-up for treatments may do so during conference hours at the Serenity Room information table at the entrance of the Ebony Room. Treatment cost is $1 per minute.

For more information, please contact Martyne Backman, 505-217-3944.







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