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What is branding?

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Are there qualifications for a ministry to be able to join the branding program?
Yes. The ministry must be in good standing AND:

  • be led by a Unity credentialed leader OR
  • be led by a leader actively pursuing Unity credentialing OR
  • meet additional requirements outlined in the Ministry Partner Agreement


How can branding benefit my ministry?

  • Professionally designed materials - Your spiritual community can take advantage of professionally researched and designed materials (refer to photos on right). Our research gave us language and visuals that resonate with both Unity and non-Unity people. We have created new materials that will resonate with both groups. These materials, customized for your ministry, are available to you for a nominal fee. See an example.
  • The Identity Project will save you time and money - You don't have to reinvent the “wheel” for your communication and marketing materials. Our print service provider offers these materials to you at bulk pricing based on quantities for our entire Unity movement. Since the message and visuals will remain the same for several years, you don't have to constantly recreate your pieces.
  • Professionally designed website - Your ministry can elect to create a professionally designed branded website at an excellent price. Each site is based on the branding research and developed in cooperation with your ministry. This allows each ministry's personality to shine through while also providing a professional and cohesive look. Your website would be easily updated with DailyWord, UnityFM and articles streamed and refreshed daily. Find out more about our web service.
  • Together, we are much more powerful - The greater our alignment, the more powerful our identity. Never before have we had this degree of unity in Unity. As more and more of your fellow spiritual communities adopt the identity in their marketing and communications, it will become more recognizable by the public. This is a move toward uniting our energies for a more powerful work together. While maintaining our diversity, it is important for us to work as a collective energy in order to continue to grow into this millennium.
  • Now is the time, and we are the ones - The research bears out the fact that there are many people out there hungering for what Unity offers. What better time to unveil a new identity that can be shared with the world? We remain who we are: a Christian-based organization founded on the teachings of Jesus as taught by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Our time has come to shine, to take our place as the spiritual movement we were born to be. By putting ourselves out there in a high quality, consistent way, we can do just that. Join us as we build a collective energy for what the world is seeking.

What does branding include?
It includes the language in how we describe ourselves to the world, images that show people coming together in a unified way, colors that are professionally complimentary to each other and of course the logo itself.

In the logo, the word “Unity” is primary, with a local designator for each ministry. The local designator can focus on the ministry's location. By emphasizing “Unity” we are helping ourselves to stand out from all other spiritual communities. With a common logo, we become more recognizable to the outside world.


How and when can my ministry join?
The next branding groups launch on:

  • March 12, 2015 with paperwork and payment due at the home office by Februray 3, 2015
  • August 7, 2015 with paperwork and payment due at the home office by July 3, 20145
  • November 6, 2015 with paperwork (and paperwork) due at the home office by Octber 2, 2015

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For complete instructions on how to join and to make a payment, click here.


How many are in branding now and who are they?
Over 30% of our movement has embraced our Unity Identity Project. There are currently 201 ministries, 9 of which are in Canada, along with 6 of the 7 continental regions, one sub-region, 2 alternative ministries and 3 international organizations. This is a list of participating ministries. See a map of branded ministries in the US and Canada.


What is branding?
A brand is the personality that identifies a product, service or organization (name, term, sign, symbol, design, or combination of them) and how it relates to key constituencies.


What does the logo mean?
Have you ever wondered what the new logo means, or why we use a local designator? Take a look at these questions, read what some members of our Unity community have shared, and learn more about our new unified identity.

Why is Unity creating a unified identity?
The new branded identity creates cohesion among ministries, Unity Worldwide Ministries' home office and Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village. This cohesion leads to greater recognition of all ministries using the new identity. Together, we are much more powerful than we are acting as separate agents.

How was this created?
Chuck Pettis of Brand Solutions conducted two powerful rounds of extensive comprehensive research; the results indicated a high level of consensus from both within and outside our Unity movement. Chuck shares the research results at our Unity People's 2010 Convention below:

What is a brand?
Becoming a household name.
How can we describe ourselves?
It's not a race—it's evolution.
Be who we are.
Consensus about our identity.


Where can I find branding resources?
Check out these resources below.


The goal of this program is to create a clear and cohesive representation of our Unity movement as a whole, designed to welcome those who are seeking our Unity teachings. Over time we will build recognition of Unity. For more information contact or call 816.434.6831.


Example of Unity Logo

Your community name will
take the place of "Local Designator."



Consistent Marketing and Communication

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Signage Examples:

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Unity of Springfield - Springfield, Missouri

Unity of Sacramento - Sacramento, California

Unity of Houston - Houston, Texas

Unity of Fort Myers - Fort Myers, Florida

Unity Kitchener - Ontario, Canada

Unity of the Keys Spiritual Center - Key West, Florida

Unity Spiritual Life Center - Oklahoma City

Unity of Omaha, Nebraska


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