NextGen Unity

Mission: Calling forth the next generation to claim and transform their world.

Welcome to our NextGen Unity page! Formerly also known as Next Generation of Unity (NGU), and Adults of Unity (AOU), this Young Adult ministry focuses on supporting programs designed for ages 18-35(ish). 

NextGen SpiritGroups

**Announcing our new NextGen SpiritGroups Host Training program!** This pioneer pilot program starts the week of February 6, 2023, and two groups are available: one that meets Mondays at 9-10 am Central time, and one that meets Thursdays 1-2 pm Central time. Participants must be enrolled in UWSI to register for this course (please note that the UWSI enrollment process takes up to 2 business days), and must be officially registered in the class no later than February 13 to participate in the course. This love offering-based class prepares individuals to host a NextGen young adult group, grounded in the structure of the SpiritGroups model, and customized specifically for accommodating the challenges and lifestyle needs of young adults (ages 18-35+). Please contact our Young Adult Program Coordinator, Rachel Gaither, with any questions on how to sign up for this exciting and groundbreaking opportunity. 

NextGen Cultural Ambassadors

This new program is focused on international exchange travel, service, and personal development, and is one branch of the overarching Unity Cultural Ambassadors program. Stay tuned to hear about this exciting and cutting-edge leadership and exchange program being rolled out soon! To find out more on how to support or donate to this budding program, contact our Young Adult Program Coordinator, Rachel Gaither.


If you have an active NextGen (NGU) group, or know of one, please reach out to us! We want to know how you are doing, and offer our support, including information about upcoming events, possible trainings and/or opportunities for funding and community connection.

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