Yakima WA Minister


Unity of Yakima Spiritual Life Center     
401 S 8th Ave
Yakima WA 98902

Category: Minister Full-Time

Average Sunday Attendance: 45-60
Salary: $33-36,000
Moving expenses paid: TBD


What do you feel when you walk through the doors of Unity of Yakima Spiritual Life Center? You feel a light and loving energy envelope you. You see smiling people welcoming you warmly whether it be your first time or 500th time here. This is a spiritual home for so many of us, and so many yet to come. When you walk through our door you feel peaceful, you feel like you’re coming home.

We see our new minister with an easy smile and warm ways fitting effortlessly into the wonderful space we have created. We hear their interesting, humorous, and heartfelt talks as though they were speaking directly to each one of us, filling our souls with hope and inspiration. They are both a leader and a team player with strong communication/problem-solving skills. Someone every congregant can put their faith and trust in. They will be energized and excited about leading us in our spiritual growth, and will also be evolving and growing themselves. Expounding on the 5 basic Unity principles while also teaching about the common threads of all religions and spiritual practices. We are a fun, loving, strong-minded group ready to welcome our next minister with open arms, eager to move forward and grow together into the future of Unity of Yakima.   

To apply, contact Rev Carrie Kenyon, CKenyon@unity.org, or Diane Pletcher, DPletcher@unity.org.

Church Packet
The contact information and financials will be sent upon request to qualified applicants.