Virtual Adventures - Self-Directed

Welcome to Virtual Adventures!
The Virtual Adventures youth ministry curriculm is designed to be self-directed so students can access the content at any time from any computer or mobile device. It can also be use in a group virtual environmen, like Zoom, or in an onsite classroom. The provided flexibility allows ministries to supply the lessons to the families for their desired use. Simultaneously, the YFM team may choose to offer a community experience where children could join to work through a lesson as a group experience or reflect on the lesson they reviewed in preparation.
The content is divided into three age groups: (a) Elementary (b) Tweens, and (c) Teens.
Each lessons contains:
~ Opening Experience
~ Meditation Zone
~ Media Room
~ Creation Station
This is a group project funded by the South Central Region.
Unit #1: Self-Awareness
​​Unit Focus: We set ourselves free to be our most wonderful selves when we live in harmony with the Spirit within. 
Unit Outcomes: By the end of the Unit learners will be able to:
  • Explore their relationship with Spirit
  • Describe ones needs and values
  • Perceive oneself accurately

Children's Lessons

Lesson 1: God & I Are One

Lesson 2: Discovering Me

Lesson 3: Connecting With Me

Lesson 4: Connecting Me With We

Tween Lessons


Click the link to access the lessons.



Teen Lessons

Lesson 1: Who Am I?

Lesson 2: What Are You?

Lesson 3: God & I Are One

Lesson 4: I Am Me!


Printable Lesson Plan

The lesson content for all three age groups can be downloaded here and used to create online group lessons or as content for onsite classroom lessons. 


Unit #2: Feelings

Unit Focus: 
Unit Outcomes