Welcome to Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute

You have taken a significant step in your journey to a more compassionate and illumined life with your decision to explore and enrich your spiritual awareness and practices. Congratulations! Education can be the start of your journey but practicing the principles you discover on your journey will speed the attainment of your enhanced life goals. Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute has designed its courses to help you explore the wisdom of the ages and apply that wisdom to your life today.

We provide you high quality education at an affordable price that is accessible to you wherever you are. Our faculty is drawn from a cadre of experts who are passionate to help you learn. Our course delivery uses a leading-edge online learning management system to facilitate your education with self-paced learning opportunities as well as live, interactive classes and student collaboration. Each course is designed using the philosophy of the living curriculum -- which is based on the principle that you have a wellspring of wisdom within you and the educator’s primary purpose is to help you reveal that indwelling wisdom. Our accelerated learning methodology assures your learning opportunities for each course are maximized.

Your journey may consist of a few self-selected courses, a defined track of education or a specific credentialing path. Or you may choose to pursue the Unity-conferred Master of Divinity diploma to round out your spiritual education. Whatever your intention, we invite you to use our broad curriculum of courses to speed your journey into the Light.

If I or my colleagues may be of help to you in your exploration, please contact me at dvenzera@unity.org.





Rev. Diane Venzera
Director of Services, Resouces & Events