Unity Credentialing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions - Unity Credentialing

I took classes that you no longer offer as “for credit” courses. Can any of those courses count towards me becoming a credentialed Unity leader?
No and yes.

  • Courses expire 10 years from successful course completion. If you took your course 11 years ago, you would need to take it again
  • We combined the following courses:

Discover the Power and Lessons in Truth has been combined into HTS 100 Foundations of Unity 

Healing and Wholeness I and II has been combined into HTS 135 Healing & Wholeness

Development of the Unity Movement and Background of New Thought has been combined into HTS 140 History of New Thought

New SEE Courses Effective January 2018
The courses are:

  • SPD 112 Conversation Skills
  • SPD 120 Discerning Your Purpose
  • SPD 110 Self-Awareness
  • SPD 115 Self-Care

Do my current SEE course credits expire after a certain time under the new UWSI program?
Currently, course credit expiration is the same as in the old program - 10 years.

Are all my accumulated SEE course credits applicable for the completion of the SEE program in the new UWSI program?
Yes. UWSI will accept the accumulated course credits without change, as long as those credits have not expired (10 years from successful course completion).

I see some of the courses I took are no longer in the SEE curriculum. Does that mean I will lose credit for those courses that I have taken, but are now not being taught?
No. Your credits for completed SEE courses will be retained and credited to you, as long as the credits for the courses taken have not expired (10 years from successful course completion). However, there are no electives. if a student takes a course that is not recognized by UWSI as a “for credit” course, they will not receive an elective credit for that course.

I am now on a path to be credentialed as a Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT). Is there anything in the new program that will keep me from completing the LUT program as planned?
No. UWSI will accept the accumulated course credits, without change, as long as those credits have not expired.

I am currently enrolled in the Certified Spiritual Educator (CSE) program. How will the changes in SEE affect me?
There will be no change with the CSE program.

I am interested in becoming an ordained Unity minister; should I do anything else besides enroll in UWSI and register in M&RS courses?
Yes. Those interested in ordination should review the information found on Unity Worldwide Ministries' (UWM) "Become a Minister" webpage. After reviewing the information, interested students should contact UWM's Credentialing Coordinator, Rev. Lynn O'Dell at LODell@unity.org.

Will graduation from UWSI's M.Div. or M&RS Diploma program guarantee licensing and ordination as a Unity minister?
No. Completion and graduation from UWSI's M.Div. or M&RS Diploma program fulfills one of the requirements of the UWSI ordination path through UWM's credentialing program. Learn more about licensing and ordination here.