Tuition, Fees, Scholarships & More

Tuition, Fees, Scholarships & More

The tuition and fees for Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute are designed to make our programs affordable and accessible while also covering the expenses involved in operating the programs. 

The affordability is reflected by the fact that tuition for the 3 year ministerial program, which can be taken full-time or part-time and prepares students for a rewarding career in ministry, costs about $11.50 USD per day, when spread out over 3 years. The LUT Leadership Path Program courses cost about $16.50 USD per class. Below is a breakdown of the tuition and fees for Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE), Spiritual Direction, Ministerial and Religious Studies (M&RS), and Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT) Leadership Path

Note: We no longer accept checks.

Enrollment Fee

Students new to UWSI are required to enroll in Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute and pay a one-time, nonrefundable enrollment fee of $35 USD. This fee is used to cover staff costs to support the student as they enter UWSI. 

Beginning January 1, 2022, students wishing to register for any field course for credit will need to enroll with UWSI before they can register for credit. This one-time enrollment form and fee of $35 to take UWSI courses has been in place since 2016, when the school changed hands from Unity Institute over to UWSI. This change is only bringing field course credits under the umbrella of enrollment.  This allows us to have the most accurate and up-to-date information for them, and it will significantly reduce the amount of manual entry tasks we currently have in the office, freeing us up to better support the field with what matters most to you.


Scholarships are needs based, and available to all learning paths. The needs based scholarship application can be found here. For a full academic year scholarship the deadline to turn in your application is August 8th. For a term scholarshiop, the deadline is 1 month before a given program's term begins.

Please send all inquires on scholarships and to turn in applications for scholarships to our Education Assistant Erin Morse at

Regional Scholarships are available in these Regions:

Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) Tuition & Fees*

  • Enrollment fee (one-time, nonrefundable fee - see above)  -  $35 USD
  • SEE Course Registration Fees:

         SEE courses taught in the field to receive SEE credit - $45 USD/per course + love offering to local instructor.
         Your local instructor will give you instruction on how to submit your payment.

         UWSI Online SEE Course $120 USD / per course.
         You will be give instructions on how to submit your payment as you register online for your course(s).

  • UWSI 50% Tuition Discount for Licensed Unity Teachers for SEE courses is available as long as the student is not seeking additional credentialing.  This discount only applies to courses taken with UWSI, not in the field. Employees of Unity Worldwide Ministries or UnityWorld Headquarters tuition is paid for by Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity World Headquarters for Online/Hybrid SEE courses. If you are one of these individuals and will be registering for a course, please contact our enrollment coordinator at 816.434.6866 or to receive the new code or if you are an employee to register you for a course.                


Spiritual Direction Certificate Program 

  • Enrollment Fee - for UWSI for Spiritual Direction Program (one-time, non-refundable) - $35 USD
  • Spiritual Direction Course Entrance Fee to be paid upon entry-$115 USD
           For a full description of the payment schedule, click here.


Ministerial & Religious Studies Tuition & Fees

  • Enrollment Fee - for UWSI for Online M&RS Courses (one-time, non-refundable) - $35 USD
  • M&RS Course Registration Fees:

      UWSI Online M&RS courses - $140 USD per credit hour (see Program Descriptions for credit hours per course)

    The full-time M.Div program would take 3 years
           * Year 1: 41 credit hours = $5,740 USD
           * Year 2: 36 credit hours = $5,040 USD
           * Year 3: 13 credit hours = $1,820 USD
           * Total for 3 years / 90 credits = $12,600 USD
Since the program can be taken on a part-time basis, the actual cost of tuition per year depends on how many courses the student takes in a given year. Some scholarships* will be available so that can also reduce the tuition costs.

  • UWSI Online Non-degree Audit Tuition. - $98 USD per credit hour
  • UWSI 50% Tuition Discount for Unity Ordained Ministers for both M&RS and SEE courses is available as long as the student is not seeking additional credentialing.  Discount codes are now changed every quarter.. If you are one of these individuals and will be registering for a course, please contact our enrollment coordinator at 816.434.6866 or to receive the new code or if you are an employee to register you for a course.

Other Fees

Payment Plan Fee - $15 USD
Independent Study Fee Per Credit Hour (in addition to tuition). - $75 USD
Graduation Fee (does not include rental of cap and gown) - $75 USD
Transcript Fee - $10 USD
Hospital Chaplaincy Fee...Depends on program student affiliates with

Use the "Other" designation for these fees when paying online.

Procedure for Auditing a Course

From the UWSI SEE and M&RS Academic Catalogs:
Any student may audit a course. Students must enroll in Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute if they wish to audit any course. Students must request to audit a class before the term begins. Regular attendance in the class is required of all auditors. Auditors should talk with faculty about anything else that is required of them in each class. A class being audited may not be changed for credit after the last day to add a class. Not all courses are available for audit. 
Students who successfully complete an audit will receive a grade of “AU.” This indicates regular attendance and involvement in an audited course. Academic credit is not received. Students who withdraw from or who are unsuccessful in the audit receive a grade of WA. This indicates that regular attendance and/or requirements were not satisfactorily fulfilled for an audited course. 
To request permission to audit either an SEE or M&RS course, the student must fill out a Request for Audit Form and return the form to the UWSI Enrollment Coordinator at The enrollment coordinator will obtain the necessary signatures and approval from the appropriate faculty member. Please see the UWSI SEE and M&RS Academic Catalogs for details about audit fees and other information.

Procedure for Dropping Courses/Refunds

To drop a course/s, please send an email, listing course/s to be dropped, to the UWSI Enrollment Coordinator ( The date on this  email request will be the date used for issuing any appropriate refund. All fees (such as Payment Plan Fee) are nonrefundable.

Note: Only an email to the UWSI Enrollment Coordinator will be accepted to officially drop a course. The following methods will not result in an officially dropped course:

  • Phone calls or voice messages
  • Attempts to drop a course through Blackboard

Tuition refunds are given on the following basis:

  • Before term begins: 100% refund
  • Before end of week one: 100% refund*
  • Before end of week two: 50% refund*
  • After week two: no refund*

*Note: Each UWSI term begins on Monday and a “week” runs Monday through Sunday at midnight. Course materials are available  from the first day of each term. If the course’s online sessions with an instructor is not until later in the week, students are still expected and instructed to begin working on course materials from the first day of each term. Therefore, refund requests for a dropped course will be issued according to the above schedule.  Example: To receive a 50% refund, the student must send an email to the UWSI Enrollment Coordinator before midnight Sunday during the second week of the term.

Exception Request: Students who feel their individual circumstances warrant an exception from the above-stated policies may appeal by an email to Unity Worldwide Ministries’ Executive Director of Education. The appeal should include:

  • a statement of the exception being requested 
  • an explanation of why an exception should be granted
  • any appropriate materials to support the request for the exception.

The student’s appeal email and attached supporting material are to be emailed to the UWSI Enrollment Coordinator (