Technical and Academic Support Information

Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute wants to make your learning experience with us as easy and seamless as possible. However, we understand that new technology and courses can create challenges. Should you have questions or need support, please use the information below to find the best solutions for your questions or challenges.

Technical and Academic Support

Student Checklists: If you are pursuing education in SEE, LUT or Ministerial Studies, these checklists will help you keep track of what is required for completion of each: 

Blackboard Technical Support: If Blackboard Online Support is unable to assist you with the technical issue: 

User ID or Registration/Grade Support: If you need a user ID or are having issues with registration or grades: 

  • Contact, Erin Morse, Eduation Assistant: 1-816-434-6872 or email:

Academic Support: If you need advice regarding transferring credits, mapping out your courses, or other issues related to the academic aspect of your program: 

  • Contact UWSI Coordinator Indira Huerta at 1-816-434-6872 or email for SEE courses, and for ministerial or LUT courses, contact Rev. Ray Nelson at