Spiritual Explorers-Spirituality, Science, and Wellness

Spirituality, Science, and Wellness
with Rev. Jim Gaither

Spirituality, Science, and Wellness

Discover powerful spiritual practices and the science behind their effectiveness.

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Are you interested in spirituality but appreciate knowing it is compatible and consistent with the scientific worldview? This course explores the powerful partnership between spiritual practices and the science that verifies their effectiveness. Discover how to adopt spiritual practices into your life such as meditation methods, the healing power of love and forgiveness, and developing healing thought patterns.

Live Sessions:

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Learning Objectives for This Course:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the relationship between science and spirituality.
  • Describe use of a meditation and/or prayer practice and effects of those practices.
  • Demonstrate ability to formulate and use affirmations for spiritual development.
  • Describe effects of using love and forgiveness practices.

About Your Facilitator:

Rev. Jim GaitherRev. Jim Gaither, Th.D., is a Unity minister with a Masters in Philosophy and Doctorate in Theology. He has taught in Unity Ministerial and Spiritual Education for over 20 years and has been minister in Unity churches for over 12 years, including as Eric Butterworth’s successor in New York. Jim also served as President of Holos University Graduate Seminary and Director of Academic and Student Affairs for Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute. A regular contributor to Unity Magazine® for over 35 years, he has also published two books: The Essential Charles Fillmore and The Hidden Realm of God: The Historical Jesus & His Healing Philosophy. For his significant contributions to the Unity movement, Jim is the recipient of the Charles Fillmore Award for Visionary Leadership.



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