Spiritual Café

Spiritual Café with Rev. Judy Pilat

Spiritual Café

Explore the big questions in life and dialogue with fellow seekers.

Live sessions to be determined

Are we awakening to a spirituality that is embedded in our DNA? Are we embracing spirituality as a means to thrive or merely survive in an increasingly complex world? These are just a few of the questions that will be explored in this café-style discussion-forum workshop. You will engage in conversation and dialogue, unbounded by formal theology and religious teachings.

Live Sessions:

  • Session 1: What do you believe about creation?
  • Session 2: What is spirituality?
  • Session 3: How do I define sacred?


Learning Objectives
By the end of the course learners will be able to:

  • Examine and share their thoughts and beliefs about creation and why we are here on the planet.
  • Identify and share their personal definitions of the terms spiritual and spirituality.
  • Describe and share the focus of their spiritual practices and spiritual journey.
  • Explore and share their feelings and beliefs about what is sacred to them and for them.

About Your Facilitator:

Rev. Judy Pilat, M. Div.Rev. Judy Pilat, M. Div., is an ordained Unity minister. She received her Master of Divinity from Unity Institute® and Seminary in 2015 and most recently served as the senior minister at Unity of Madison in Madison, Wisconsin. Judy had a variety of leadership positions with several Fortune 500 organizations early in her career prior to becoming a career coach and launching her own consulting firm focused on career management and life strategies. She has facilitated dozens of workshops, led numerous small groups and book studies, and has been a guest speaker in a variety of settings. Her passion is helping people make connections that empower, delight, and inspire.

Have questions? Email spiritualexplorers@unity.org or call 720-636-1378.