Spiritual Explorers-The Secret to Living Your Vision

The Secret to Living Your Vision

The Secret to Living Your Vision

Learn to stop being pushed by pain and follow your dreams!

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Have you all but given up on your dreams? Are you settling for less? Do you feel as if you were meant for a more meaningful and fulfilling life that contributes to the whole, but you can’t seem to get there?

Don’t give up! The answer you’ve been looking for is looking for you! In this new two-week course you will learn how to stop being pushed by pain and instead be pulled by your highest vision into the magnificent life you were meant to live! This is not just theory. You will learn specific strategies for clarifying your vision and clearing the channels for your vision to be realized.

Live Sessions:

  • Session 1: Introduction to visioning/creation of intention mandala
  • Session 2: Identify barriers to manifesting your vision/clear out the blocks/create an action plan for moving forward


Registration Closed

Learning Objectives for This Course:

  • Discern the difference between visualization and visioning

  • Master the art of visioning

  • Bring your vision into focus by creating an intention mandala, serving as a vibrational vortex in this process

  • Discover the past blocks preventing the realization of the vision

  • Identify specific strategies for breaking through barriers

  • Be empowered to shine your light into the world

About Your Facilitator:

Victoria Loveland-CoenVictoria Loveland-Coen is an inspirational speaker, author, ordained Unity minister, and interfaith minister. She graduated from the Professional Practitioner Program under Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape in 1997. With her popular Conscious Cocreating program, she has helped thousands of individuals uncover their true life’s vision and permanently eliminate the blocks to the natural flow of good in their lives. Victoria is now serving Unity Center of Peace in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, as cominister.

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