Spiritual Explorers-How to Rewire Your Anxious Brain

How to Rewire Your Anxious Brain
with Douglas Bloch

How To Rewire Your Anxious Brain

A complete body, mind, and spirit approach for greater peace of mind.

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Is anxiety interfering with your path to a more peaceful life? In this two-session, live workshop, learn practical strategies for keeping worry about the future at bay, utilizing a complete body, mind, and spirit approach.

Course Sessions:

  • Session 1: 
  • Session 2: 


Learning Objectives for This Course:

  • Distinguish between the type of anxiety that is being caused by your thinking and the anxiety that is being brought on by your distressed physiology.
  • Devise a personal weekly exercise program that will calm your nervous system and create a sense of wellness.
  • Apply a thought-stopping technique that will halt obsessive thoughts in their tracks.
  • Make use of specific breathing and mindfulness techniques to calm your nervous system when it is in fight-or-flight mode.
  • Identify and reverse irrational thinking that creates unnecessary worry.
  • Determine when you are dwelling in future worry and redirect your awareness to the peace of the present.

About Your Facilitator:

Douglas BlochDouglas Bloch, M.A., is an author, teacher, and counselor who writes and speaks nationally on the topics of psychology, healing, and spirituality. He has given numerous workshops on his body-mind-spirit mental health recovery program at Unity churches around the country and has also spoken at businesses, schools, recovery centers, and at national psychology conferences.

Douglas is the author of 10 books, including Healing From Depression: A Body, Mind and Spirit Recovery Program, as well as Words That Heal the Blues. Douglas also shares his information on mental health recovery through his website, www.healingfromdepression.com and his YouTube channel with over 250 videos, which is approaching 2 million views. In addition, Douglas facilitates ongoing support groups for people who suffer from depression and anxiety.

He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his partner Joan and his lovable Persian cat, Bruce.


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