Spiritual Explorers-Pop Culture

Pop Conscious Exploration: A Modern Toolbox for Inner Discovery

Pop Culture: Spiritual Metaphor, Metaphysical Symbolism

Explores how the pop culture we consume tells us about our inner world and society.

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The entertainment that enlivens us can point us both inward to our truest self and then outward into a greater experience of our community and the world. We look closely at what music, films, books, TV series, or video games are most enjoyable to us and what they tell us about who we are. What’s popular at the box office and on TV tells us something about our society. We’ll use these clues to plot a course forward into a more connected and deeply satisfying life.

Live Sessions:

  • Session 1: Thursday, May 2
  • Session 2: Thursday, May 9
  • Session 3: Thursday, May 16
  • Session 4: Thursday, May 23
  • Session 5: Thursday, May 30


Learning Objectives for This Course:

  • Learn to interpret stories as metaphors for life, no matter how they are packaged.
  • Understand we are all connected through both ancient and modern tales.
  • See stories and art, in all contexts, as a bridge for understanding.
  • Connect to how we tell our own stories and how changing them can change our experience.
  • Find ways to take what ignites our imagination into meaningful, real-world action.

About Your Facilitator:

Malyana DawnMalayna Dawn was born and raised on the outskirts of Hollywood, California, where her makeup-artist grandmother got her involved in the entertainment industry as a child. She sang live, in studio, and on camera with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Marvin Hamlisch. Her entrepreneurial Sri Lankan father and creative American mother instilled a passion for fusing the best from East and West in all she does. After moving to Sri Lanka in 2000, she fused East and West even more. Now back in Los Angeles since 2012, she works as a communications and digital media consultant for clients and partners and follows wherever inspiration leads her!

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