Spiritual Explorers-Meet the Now With Silence Meditation

Meet the Now With Silence Meditation

Meet the Now with Silence Meditation

Experience the profound benefits of adopting a regular meditation practice.

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Whether to tame monkey mind or simply to unwind, the benefits of adopting a meditation practice are profound. Whether you are brand new or an advanced meditator, The Silence Meditation Program (SMP) is a simple yet proven effective tool for those looking to start or deepen their meditation practice. This interactive online course closes the gap between learning and practicing by offering a safe environment where meditators can experience group meditation, share their experience, ask questions, and be inspired by gaining a greater understanding of the process.

Live Sessions:

  • Session 1: The Present Moment
  • Session 2: The Power of Praise
  • Session 3: The Grace of Gratitude
  • Session 4: The Glory of Love
  • Session 5: The Silence of OM
Recommended Book:

The Door of Everything by Dr. Ruby Nelson


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Learning Objectives for This Course:

  • Define the various forms of meditation practices and for what purpose, situation, and outcome they are most suitable.
  • Examine the many misconceptions about the meditation process and begin to develop a personal meditation practice.
  • Articulate the basics of ceaseless meditation/mindfulness and integrate the knowledge into your personal meditation practice.
  • Identify the benefits of meditation and describe how its practice impacts you personally as well as their family, friends, coworkers, and society.
  • Compare and contrast the difference between a feeling of peace and experiencing a deeper sense of peace beyond outer circumstances.

About Your Facilitator:

Rev. Jean-Marie SchweizerJean-Marie Schweizer is a lifelong meditation practitioner and has been teaching meditation since the late 1990s. His passion for sharing the beneficial effects of meditation on physical and spiritual health has taken him from his native Switzerland to teach throughout the United States, Austrialia, and Europe. A speaker, writer, and teacher, Jean-Marie has a Masters in Divinity and Clinical Mental Health counselling and currently serves as Spiritual Leader at Unity Lake Houston. He created the Silent Meditation Program, stemming from a desire to see a support system for people after they learned how to meditate. Jean-Marie currently lives in Houston, Texas, with his wife Elain and enjoys playing classical piano in his spare time.



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