Language of the Heart

Language of the Heart with Donna Steckal, PhD

Language of the Heart

Learn to use the principles of nonviolent communication.

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Explore nonviolent communication as a mindful, spiritual practice that involves compassionate listening and speaking one’s truth, without judgment of self or others in the process. The process of nonviolent communication offers a set of negotiation skills for peaceful conflict resolution. You will learn how to speak your truth without criticism or demands, hear messages that may appear critical without “taking it personally,” and identify core values and actions in integrity with these values.

Live Sessions:

  • Session 1: Language of the Heart
  • Session 2: Compassionate Communication Demonstration


Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the basic components of the ‘compassionate listening’ process.
  • Utilize non-violent communication process to express feelings and needs without blame or judgment.
  • Demonstrate non-violent communication to receive messages without hearing blame or criticism.

About Your Facilitator:

Donna Steckal, Ph.D., LUTDonna Steckal, Ph.D., LUT, is a licensed psychologist and a licensed Unity teacher. She works in private practice in Arizona. Dr. Steckal is also a certified trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication ( She teaches graduate psychology courses online and also teaches a 10-week workshop on nonviolent communication at a local college each Spring. It has been her mission to speak the truth with authenticity and integrity and to teach others how to do the same.

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