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Good Grief with Rev. Bill Englehart

Good Grief

Explore new ways to think about grief.

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Who taught you about grief? What have you learned about grief? Most of us have not had a teacher or mentor on the subject. Whatever we have learned up to this point has likely been self-taught. We have learned from our personal experiences and those closest to us.

As we grow up, we are socialized into being in denial and to avoid topics of loss and grief. We are told or we learn that we are not to show our feelings. Even our expectations about the time to deal with grief are often based on previous personal experiences or timelines.

Live Webinar,
90-minute session



Learning Objectives for This Course:

  • Recognize grief and loss as inevitable experiences in our lives, and that grief is cumulative
  • Learn how to meet, greet, and process our own grief for all losses, great and small
  • Overview of the “Five Stages of Grief"
  • Learn how to support others when they are facing the ultimate loss—the loss of their physical lives

About Your Facilitator:

Rev. Bill Englehart is an author, philosopher, theologian, and former spiritual leader for a large community in Marin County, California.

He has been featured on the New Thought Channel, Public Access TV, YouTube, and Facebook. People have tuned in to hear and see Bill from across the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America. He is also a volunteer cofacilitator for a men’s group in San Quentin State Prison.

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