Forgive and Be Free

Forgive and Be Free with Jennifer Hadley

Forgive and Be Free

A clear “how to” method of forgiveness that truly works so you can stop suffering!

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Many spiritual seekers spend years being stuck, while distracted by chasing more information and living in their intellect instead of their heart. Often, they feel that true spiritual awakening and growth is out of their reach, but they don’t know why. True forgiveness releases the “hidden” blocks to our spiritual growth. This deep inner work is ultra challenging to do on our own, but is actually fun and inspiring to do together. Warning: Be willing to allow for miraculous shifts on all levels of body, mind, spirit, life, career, and most especially, relationships. Joy is a natural result.

Live Sessions:

  • Session 1: True Forgiveness
  • Session 2: Self-Forgiveness
  • Session 3: Forgiving Others
  • Session 4: Healing Resentment & Regret
  • Session 5: Guilt and Forgiveness


Learning Objectives:

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Dissolve and resolve the habit of feeling guilty and ashamed
  • Move from intellectually studying spirituality to living from the heart
  • Use simple methods to free yourself from limited thinking and beliefs
  • Break the habits of complaining and judging
  • Activate more JOY in your life through being more loving

About Your Facilitator:

Jennifer HadleyJennifer Hadley has been teaching forgiveness workshops, classes, and retreats since 2000. She has helped more than 50,000 spiritual students to let go of their painful past and have more love in their lives. Jennifer shares how to get out of your head and into your loving heart so you can help be of greater service in the world. As a writer, speaker, teacher, and spiritual counselor, Jennifer offers daily inspiration and prayer, as well as workshops, classes, retreats, and programs for people who are ready to move beyond merely studying spirituality to deeply living it.

She has been the host of the popular A Course in Miracles show on Unity Online Radio since 2011, with hundreds of episodes available for download. For Jennifer’s Daily Shot of Spiritual Espresso blog and many other free offerings as well practical classes and training for spiritual development, please visit


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