Frequently Asked Questions - Spiritual Education & Enrichment (SEE)

What is SEE?
SEE stands for Spiritual Education and Enrichment and includes two separate programs.

  1. The SEE Spiritual Development Program - wherever you are on your spiritual journey, your path at Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI) begins with Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) courses. 

    If you are a casual learner, the SEE courses may be taken for your own enjoyment and enrichment. Or you may wish to complete the SEE Spiritual Development Program and continue on with with Licensed Unity Teacher Path Instensive courses (formerly called Leadership Development or Week C), which can open the door to credentialing as a licensed Unity teacher or as a Unity minister. Either way, SEE courses are not something you will take and then put away on a bookshelf, never to be used again. Your experiences will enrich your everyday life, for the rest of your life.

    This course of study includes a strong foundation in bible study, prayer, metaphysics and Unity & New Thought history for interested learners. Also included are courses in healing and wholeness, abundant living and effective communication. Anyone may enroll in SEE Spiritual Development courses, whether or not they desire credentialing as a Unity leader. Students whose primary interest is learning for the sake of learning are most welcome.
  2. The Licensed Unity Teacher Path Intensive Program - Formerly called Leadership Development Week or SEE Week C, this program is a continuation of the studies started in the SEE Spiritual Development programand covers advanced bible study, metaphysics, prayer, meditation, communication, and leadership studies and skills. Completion of the SEE Leadership Development Program fulfills one of the requirements of the Unity Worldwide Ministries' Licensed Unity Teacher Program. (See the Unity Worldwide Ministries' website for more information about becoming a licensed Unity teacher.)

Will the SEE Program continue to have two divisions - Spiritual Development and Licensed Unity Teacher Path Intensive Program (formerly Leadership Development)?

  • SEE Spiritual Development courses can be taken by anyone enrolled in UWSI or from Unity ministers or licensed Unity teachers in the "field."
  • Licensed Unity Teacher Path Intensive courses can be taken by those interested in becoming a licensed Unity teacher.

How is the Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) program different from the Ministerial and Religious Studies (M&RS) program?
The SEE program courses are designed for:

The Ministerial & Religious Studies (M&RS) program courses are designed for:

  • Those interested in religious studies and who have taken the pre-requisites for individual courses.
  • Candidates for Unity ministry. Completion of the M&RS program fulfills one of the requirements of the Unity Worldwide Ministries' Ordination Path.
  • Continuing education (CEUs) for credentialed Unity leaders

Where are SEE courses held?
SEE courses are held:

  • Online SEE courses, through UWSI, are offered throughout the year. View SEE schedule.
  • On-campus SEE courses after Fall 2016:
     UWSI will not be sponsoring SEE Spiritual Development weeks A or B on-campus at Unity Village, since the SEE courses taught during weeks A & B are available in local Unity ministries and online at UWSI.. UWSI will sponsor the LUT Path Intensive week on-campus (formerly SEE Week C/Leadership Development).
  • On-campus LUT Path Intensive at Unity Village (formerly SEE Week C)
    See the UWSI Course Schedules webpage for the most current dates and course information.

  • At Unity centers, churches and other venues. "SEE in the Field" courses may be available to a Unity center or venue near you. There are two ways you can find out what SEE courses are being taught locally:
    1. Check the UWSI "SEE Field Course Registration" for courses being taught in different Unity ministries. (Go to UWSI website: "For Students / Register for Courses / SEE Field Registration then use the Filter for "In-person course" select Face-to-face under Delivery choice in the Filter sidebar.  This is on the SEE Registration page. )
    2. Check the websites of local Unity ministries.  (Not all ministries list their courses with UWSI, but they may have courses listed on their individual websites.)

Do you need to have graduated from high school or college to take UWSI's SEE courses? 
No - there are no educational requirements for those wishing to take SEE courses. There are requirements for the Ministerial & Religious Studies (M&RS) program, but not for SEE courses.

Will students receive a certificate upon completion of the Spiritual Development Program?
 Yes. Students who have completed all 25 required SEE courses can request a certificate of completion from our UWSI registrar, Chris Gannan. Have your students contact Chris at 816.434.6872 or to request their certificate.

I teach SEE courses in the field, can I still teach SEE courses in my ministry and elsewhere?

If I teach an SEE course in my ministry, will my students need to enroll in UWSI to take my courses?
We would prefer that they did to insure that we have their correct information and avoid errors. Enrolling, insures that UWSI has their correct information and records from Unity Institute (UI) and it gives them the option of taking SEE courses both online with UWSI and from you, locally. We will continue Unity Institute's practice of charging students $45 to register any course taken at your ministry/center. Your are free to determine the tuition charged for courses in your ministry/center.

How do I register the SEE courses I teach at my ministry/center with UWSI?
You can register your course(s) with UWSI in one of two ways:  

  • Paper form mailed to UWSI: Go to the Form and Resources webpage under "For Instructors and select SEE Course Registration Form. Fill out the form with course and student information and grade. Collect $45 (USD) from each student for their enrollment and send the form and fees to UWSI. (Address information is on the form.)
  • Online SEE Course RegistrationGo to the Form and Resources webpage under "For Instructors and select SEE Online Course Registration Form. Fill out the form and send the form to UWSI. Our registsrar will list your course on the UWSI's SEE Field Registration web page and send you instructions on how to enter grades and answer any question you might have.  Direct your students to go to the UWSI website, select "For Students," hover their cursor over "Register for Courses" and select "SEE Field Registration." They will be able to select your course, register and pay their registration fee on their own.

Questions? Please contact our Registrar, Chris Gannan at or 816.434.6872.