SEE Course Syllabi for Instructors

SEE Course Syllabi & Supporting Material

Important Note: This webpage provides Unity field instructors with important updates, syllabi and supporting materials to teach Unity courses "in the field."  (Example: courses taught in a Unity ministry)  

New Combined SEE Courses Taking Effect as of January 2018
Starting January 2018, there are six courses that have been combined into three "new" courses. Syllabi and supporting materials for the newly combined courses are available below 

The combined courses are:

  • Discover the Power and Lessons in Truth have been combined into HTS 100 Foundations of Unity 
  • Healing and Wholeness I and II have been combined into HTS 135 Healing & Wholeness
  • Development of the Unity Movement  and Background of New Thought have been combined into HTS 140 History of New Thought and Unity

We no longer offer elective courses for credit.

We ask for your patience as we continue our revision and development of these courses to provide the best possible experience for you and your students.

SEE Syllabi for Unity Field Instructors

The syllabus and related teaching materials for all classes listed below are available upon request. Please email or for the materials.

HTS 100 - Foundations of Unity
HTS 105 - Metaphysics 1
HTS 110 - Metaphysics 2
HTS 115 - Metaphysics 3
HTS 120 - Metaphysics 4
HTS 125 - Twelve Powers of Man
HTS 130 - Prosperity
HTS 135 - Healing & Wholeness 
HTS 140 - History of New Thought and Unity 
SCS 100 - Overview: Hebrew Scriptures
SCS 105 - Overview: Christian Scriptures  
SCS 110 - Bible Interpretation: Hebrew Scriptures 
SCS 115 - Bible Interpretation: Acts to Revelation
SCS 120 - Jesus' Teachings
SCS 125 - The Christ
SPD 100 - Unity Prayer
SPD 105 - Meditation Practices
SPD 110 - Self-Awareness
SPD 111 - The "I" of the Storm 
SPD 112 - Conversation Skills
SPD 115 - Self-Care
SPD 120 - Discerning Your Purpose