Frequently Asked Questions - Ministerial & Religious Studies (M&RS)

How long will it take to complete the ministerial program?

The ministerial program requires a completion of 90 credit hours, about three years full-time. These courses may also be engaged on a part-time basis. Students may have up to seven years to complete their program.


Must I be a full-time student?

No. These programs are designed so that you can attend full- or part-time.


Is there a student association for ministerial students?

Yes, the Unity Ministers Student Association (UMSA) supports and represents all UWSI ministerial students. More information on UMSA is available at unitymsa.org.


I don't want to enter the Unity Ministry program. Can I still take any of the M&RS courses?

Yes, you can apply for permission to audit an M&Rs course. Please send a Request to Audit Form, found under For Students, and Tuition, Fees, Scholarships, and More. If granted permission, the student will pay $98 per credit hour to audit the course. For more information about auditing courses, please see Procedure for Auditing a Course on the Tuition, Fees, Scholarships, and More page.


Do I need a bachelor's degree to enroll in the ministerial program?

You must have a high school dipoloma or GED to apply for the ministerial program.


I am interested in becoming an ordained Unity minister; should I do anything else besides enroll in UWSI and register in M&RS courses?

Students may enroll in UWSI and begin taking courses at any time. Those interested in ordination should review the information found on UWM's "Become a Minister" webpage and the contact UWM's Credentialing Coordinator, Rev. Lynn O'Dell (lodell@unity.org).



Why won't the courses I'm interested in taking in the M&RS program be offered until next year?

The M&RS courses contain significant live components that require the courses to be taken only when scheduled. To ensure adequate attendance in M&RS, courses will be offered only once per year; thus supporting the progression of full-time learners through their course schedule. 

UMSA is the Unity Ministers Student Association supporting and representing all UWSI ministerial students. UMSA is organized primarily via their online presence, and it provides opportunities to meet online and in person. More information can be obtained at their website at unitymsa.org.