Licensed Unity Teacher Studies

Licensed Unity Teacher Studies

Many students, as they go through the SEE (Spiritual Education and Enrichment) courses, realize that they are being called into leadership. One of the Unity leadership paths available through Unity Worldwide Ministries is the Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT) path. All the prerequisite information you need to become a Licensed Unity Teacher can be found in the Licensed Unity Teacher Handbook on the Licensed Unity Teacher Program webpage.

Once the UWM Credentialing department has received your Letter of Intent, they will send you the related handbook, application and signature documents to begin your journey. See the deadlines for the completed packet below.


SEE - Licensed Unity Teacher Leadership Path Program

Students who have completed their LUT prerequisites and are working with Unity Worldwide Ministries' Credentialing staff may enter this 12-course program in preparation to become a Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT) or Unity minister. Note: Since 2020 these classes have been taught online, and will continue to be online indefinitely. 

2022 LUT Leadership Path Dates

Summer 2022: Monday thru Friday, July 25 - July 29, 2022. LUT applications for Summer are due May 1.

Fall 2022: Monday thru Friday, October 24 - October 28, 2022. LUT applications for Fall are due August 1. Registration will open by October 10th.


LUT Leadership Path Courses

LUT Leadership Path Session 1
Advanced Bible Study
Art of Teaching I
Communication I
Ministry Leadership & Polity

LUT Leadership Path Session 2                                                   
Integrated Metaphysics
Art of Teaching II
Communication II
Interpersonal Studies

LUT Leadership Path Session 3
Communication III
Art of Teaching III
Prayer & Spiritual Support
Praying as a Unity Leader

Electives are no longer required for the LUT Path. We will not be recording these courses on students records or charging a credit fee! If you have questions please contact

Certificate of Completion - LUT candidates will receive a certificate upon successful completion* of their final session of the LUT Leadership Path. 

*Upon receipt of final grades from the Session 3 instructors.