General Questions About UWSI

General Questions about Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute

Enrollment and Registration

Who is eligible to enroll in Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI) courses?
Everyone with a high-speed internet connection, computer (5 years old or newer), microphone/speaker/headset, web cam, web browser (Google Chrome or Firefox) and an interest in spiritual exploration and growth.

Anyone can take Spiritual Enrichment and Education (SEE) courses. Students do not need to have graduated from high school or college to take an SEE course.

What is the difference between enrolling in UWSI and registering for a course at UWSI?
When starting at any school, students must first enroll in the school before they can take courses. Enrolling means that you are a student with the school whether you are currently registered for a class or not. We ask that all students wishing to take courses for UWSI credit (including field courses) first enroll in the school . Upon enrolling, students will be sent an email from our online learning system which will allow them to register for courses.

Registering for a course means that you are paying for and asking to be an active student and participant in a course that aligns with your educational goals at UWSI. 

Note: There is a one-time, non-refundable enrollment fee of $35.00.

When is registration open for each term and how do I register for a course?
Registration for courses will be open one month prior to the start of courses. See the UWSI Academic Calendar for specific dates.

To register for a specific course, enrolled UWSI students should go to the UWSI website, select "For Students," from the top menu, hover over the arrow by "Register for Course" and select which type of course you are interested in registering for. Students may select from:

How many students must be enrolled in a course for it to be taught?
There must be 5 students or more for a course to be taught. A course may be cancelled if enrollment is less than five (5) students.

Who do I make my check payable to?
Make your check payable to "Unity Worldwide Ministries" or "UWM" and be sure to put "UWSI and the name of the course" in the memo line.

Academic Calendar, Courses and Schedules

Where can I find Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute's (UWSI) course calendar and schedules?
All available information about UWSI can be found on our website ( The Academic Schedule can be found on that website under "For Students." You can find the Academic Calendar and other helpful resources there, as well. Remember that we are constantly updating the UWSI website and we suggest you check back frequently for updated information.
I don't see the course I want to take in the current schedule. Why not
We intend to offer all 22 Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) courses online each quarter along with an elective. But also courses can be cancelled if enrollment does not reach at least 5.                                                                                                   
Ministerial and Religious Studies (M&RS) courses will also be developed and taught on a yearly rotational basis (for the foreseeable future). We suggest you continue to check the UWSI website, the Academic schedule and Academic calendar (under "for Students") for the latest in course availability information.
What days and times will UWSI's courses be offered?
Courses will be offered at different days and times, however UWSI’s goal is to provide the courses so students with an 8:00-5:00 work schedule can attend full time. Specific course times will be available when registering for a course. Note: At some point in the future, UWSI hopes to be able to offer both day and evening sections of courses. This will be determined by the instructor availability and student interest.
Is Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute (UWSI) accredited?
For the foreseeable future, UWSI will not be seeking accreditation. Unity has been preparing students for ministry for a century without official accreditation. UWSI will continue to hold Unity education to high standards of academic, spiritual and financial integrity. We are committed to meeting educational standards appropriate to a graduate seminary and spiritual development program. We will offer a Unity-conferred Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) degree.
How do I see a list of my completed courses?
To see a list of your completed courses - use your normal UWSI username and password and go to If you don't have a UWSI username and password, contact our registrar at

Continuing Education Credit (CEU) for Credentialed Unity Leaders.

I am a credentialed Unity leader and need to update my CEU Credits. Can I take UWSI's SEE or M&RS courses to update my CEU credits?
Yes, absolutely.

Will I need to enroll in UWSI if I only want to take courses for CEU credit?
Yes, you will need to enroll and pay a one-time enrollment fee of $50 to help defray administrative costs.

How much will it cost to take a course at UWSI for CEU credit?
As a benefit to our credentialed Unity leaders (ministers and licensed Unity teachers) – Unity ministers and LUTs will receive a 50% discount on their tuition for any UWSI online course, taken for CEU credit.

Tuition and Fees

What are UWSI's tuition and fees? More information can be found on our website under “For Students” at Tuition, Fees & Scholarships & More.

Can I withdraw or drop from a UWSI course?
Yes, you may withdraw at any time.
Yes, you may drop a course/s at any time. See the M&RS or SEE Academic Catalogs for more details.

If I withdraw or drop a course, will I get a refund?

  • Online course refunds will be determined by the timing of the withdrawal request. See M&RS and SEE Academic Catalogs for details.  
         - Request received before the end of week one - 100% refund
         - Request received before the end of week two - 50% refund
         - Request received after the end of week two - no refund


What type of computer or software will I need to have?
You can use either a PC or Apple computer - that is no more than 5 years old - with the most recent version of software. This is our learning platform provider, Blackboard's, recommendation and our students and faculty have found this to be very true. Many of the technology challenges they encountered "disappeared" when they were able to shift to a computer less than 5 years old.

Do I need to be a computer "geek" to take UWSI online courses? 
No, you don't have to be an expert with a computer. However, to be successful, you do need to have a solid basic understanding of computers, the internet and be comfortable doing things online. You also must be comfortable with basic software (like Microsoft Word or other word processing software). If you don't feel comfortable with a computer or going online, we strongly recommend that you take a basic computer or internet course. (These are available from local adult education programs at high schools, junior colleges, AARP. etc.) Being comfortable with your computer and software will help you enjoy and be successful with your UWSI courses.

What type of "extras" will I need? 
Since you will be interacting with other students and instructors online, you'll need some type of microphone, speakers and video cam. Our students have found that having a headset with a mic is very helpful. Check the Systems Requirement webpage for more specific information.

What are the specific system requirements?
 Blackboard's specific system requirements can be found on the Systems Requirement webpage.


Will scholarships be available to UWSI?
Yes. There are scholarships available for students in both the Ministerial & Religious Studies and the Licensed Unity Teacher Path Intensive, held on-camups. Scholarship amounts and the number of scholarships available are dependent upon criteria set up by the donors. More information can be found on our website under “For Students” at Tuition, Fees & Scholarships & More.