Frequently Asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

2016-17 was Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute's (UWSI) pilot year. It was an exciting time for all, as Unity enters a new phase of its long-standing tradtion of education for spiritual seekers. We know you have questions about UWSI's program and we believe you will find many answers in the categories below. We appreciate your patience as the many parts and pieces are developed, during this pilot year, to provide the best possible learning experience for Unity studens and all spiritual seekers.

General Questions

Answers for general questions about enrollment and registration, academic calendar and course schedule, continuting education for credentialed Unity leaders, tuition and fees, and scholarship.


Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE)

Answers for questions about the Spiritual Enrichment and Education program.


Ministerial and Religious Studies (M&RS)

Answers for questions about the Ministerial & Religious Studies program.


Unity Credentialing

Answers for questions about Unity credentialing from Unity ministers, ministerial and licensed Unity teacher candidates.


Education Presentation at Unity People's Convention 2016

This MP3 audio file is from the Educational Task Team's presentation at Convention 2016. It gave an overview of the transfer of Unity education from Unity World Headquarters to Unity Worldwide Ministries. It also give details about how the curriculum was developed, what changes will be made starting in 2018, what will stay the same, and basically answered many questions and concerns about the future of Unity education. This presentation features Myrtle and Charles Fillmore (Revs. Sharon Ketchum and Richard Bunch), Father Guido (Rev. Jim Gaither) and Rev. Deborah Frownfelter (Director of Education).